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Tasmania - The Haunt of the Giant Trout

A very rare and superb little booklet. Bob Dunn's original sold for $1000 and a good copy would probably bring more now. It was reproduced in the 1980, perhaps by Jack Kelly, in black and white.

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Midland, MI — Building on the success of its longstanding GPX taper, Scientific Anglers introduces the all-new MPX taper, a half-size heavy line built for all-around fly-fishing pursuits.

Using the GPX as a blueprint, Scientific Anglers has spent the past year refining, fishing, and casting the MPX in order to perfect every aspect of the taper. From head lengths to tip diameters, the MPX takes its cues from the GPX, but differs where the mass is distributed.

 “When it came time to give the GPX a redesign, the last thing we wanted to do was abandon everything that made it so popular,” said research and development manager Andrew Bosway. “We were able to take everything good about the GPX—its quick-loading capabilities, all-around versatility, and distance capabilities—and improve upon them by redistributing the mass of the head.”

The MPX will be available in both the Wavelength and Mastery series, meaning anglers will have both textured and smooth options. Both lines will run in 3- through 9-weights and measure 90 feet.

The Wavelength MPX and both will be available at Scientific Anglers dealers in September of 2015.

About Scientific Anglers: Founded in 1945 in Midland, Michigan, Scientific Anglers has been an industry leader in the development of fly lines, leaders, tippets, reels, and accessories for more than 70 years. Scientific Anglers developed the modern floating fly line and pioneered the use of textured technologies in fly-line construction.
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