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Rock Fishing

Leroy Tirant
Fishing from rock platforms has been written about plenty of times before in various fishing magazines so I don't intend on reinventing the wheel. This article is intended more so as a reminder to anglers of the basics of fishing the stones.

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BERKLEY Australia – New Website Live!

Berkley Australia has launched a new and different version of our website. Smart phone friendly the new site is dedicated to all things Berkley Australia. Improvements to the site include integrated social media plug ins, blog and video content. We want to communicate and connect with anglers not only looking for Berkley products but also for tips and techniques on how to become a better angler and Catch More Fish!

To improve the experience not only showcases the latest Berkley products there is also a blog with regular articles from the pro team on what they are doing to Catch More fish, new product reviews and ‘how to’ video content.
We love what we do and want to share the sport of fishing with anglers across the country. Get to know the people behind Berkley Australia and the extensive pro team and see that they are as keen a group of fisherman as you will find anywhere and are a great source of fishing information. The wealth of fishing information that the Berkley Team has to offer is now available online and being smart phone friendly, the Berkley site is now a mobile fishing resource.
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