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Bicheno is home to many commercial rock lobster fishers and quite a few recreational fishers also try their hand as well. Rock lobster can be taken in pots, rings or by gloved hand by divers. All methods must be licensed. Another expensive shellfish, abalone are also eagerly sought. It is a delicacy that can be taken by divers. A licence is required.

Due to Bicheno's open exposure to the Tasman Sea many recreational anglers are either rock or beach fishers. A vessel capable of coping with large, unpredictable seas is needed here. Some beach fishing occurs north of Bicheno and also south towards Coles Bay at Friendly Beaches. Australian salmon, flathead and shark are targeted in the surf, while striped trumpeter, barracouta, morwong, leatherjacket and cod are taken offshore.

Rocky shores abound around Bicheno and many areas are suitable as fishing platforms. A silver sliced lure is the most common hardware and bait fishing techniques here are less common.

There is a marine reserve around Governors Island, opposite The Gulch, which provides an excellent opportunity for diving.

The wharf at the Gulch is a popular place to visit in the evenings for salmon, mackerel and trevally to name just a few. It is also a great spot for kids.

North of Bicheno are a few accessible beaches that are worth a try if you can find some gutters. In particular the beach from the turn-off at Four Mile Beach all the way around to the bluff at the southern end of the beach can be good, but look for gutters for the best results.

Best time to fish; All year

Getting there; 3 hours from Hobart, 2 hours + from Launceston.

Major angling species; Rock lobster, flathead, couta and striped trumpeter, albacore, southern bluefin tuna, marlin, Australian Salmon, bream.

Other attractions; Swimming, surfing, sight seeing, diving.

Scamander River is one of Tasmania's great bream locations. Fish are not as big as in some of the other estuaries, but they are plentiful. It fishes well all year, but the best time is from November to March. Usual methods such as bait fishing and lure fishing are the way to go. Pretty fish and shrimps are some of the best baits, but it pays to have a variety. Locals comment that the fishing now is as good or better than fifty years ago. Bait is available from the shops in Scamander.

You can also expect to catch a few nice salmon, silver trevally and mullet. There are also luderick around the bridge pylons at the mouth of the river. Very few people fish for these, but they are there in good numbers for the angler with the skill and perserverance.

You can drive for quite a way up the river by heading to Upper Scamander. The meandering upper reaches are home to bream as well as trout.

Fishing is quite easy along the easily accessed banks, but a boat can open up a few more opportunities. There is also a Professional guide operating bream and inshore tours from St Helens.

The beaches around Scamander provide some first class fishing. Big Australian salmon, large flathead and sharks are the main targets. Possibly the best beach around this area is Beaumaris Beach. The northern end is the most productive, and often only a short cast is needed to put your bait into the deep water where salmon up to three kilos are caught.

Pulfers reef, directly off Scamander is highly renowned as a good striped trumpeter location as well as big flathead and morwong. In the summer months, yellowfin tuna, albacore and striped marlin come close to shore. There is no good quality, sea access, boat ramp around Scamander so it is best to drive up to St Helens and launch from there.

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Devonport fishing report May 2010

report by  Leroy Tirant
Fishing around Devonport in the last couple of weeks has been fantastic for anglers dropping a line in between the rain and or the wind. The Mersey has been producing some fantastic Silver Trevally up to a kilo. Most have been smaller juveniles but anglers taking the time to berley have been catching good numbers with the odd bigger fish amongst them.

As per usual chicken has been the favoured bait but a couple of local young guns have been filling bags using soft plastics. These fish seem to be schooling with juvenile Salmon. The winter whiting have also turned up and the area around the Mersey Yacht Club being the most consistent spot. Long, thin strips of squid has been good bait. I find it works really well if you bash it a bit first to soften.

The other notable thing in the Mersey at the moment is the Pinkie Snapper. They seem to be getting caught on all methods and fish to 1.5kg are common. I don’t think they’ll be in the river for much longer so if you want to target them get in quick.

Outside the headlands and inshore reefs are still producing big pike. The bigger Salmon are still hanging around in schools but have been a bit inconsistent. Good numbers of size flathead are still being caught but mainly to those fishing with frozen burley attached to anchor chain. Specialist containers for this sort of fishing can be purchased from tackle stores for about $50.

Freshwater-wise it doesn’t seem that many anglers are fishing local open waters which is a pity because Barrington should produce some good size rainbows this winter. Previous stocking efforts, last year, by IFS should see these small fish nice and fat by now. Speaking of Barrington IFS will be stocking with Atlantics in the next few weeks. This will be a concerted effort by IFS to encourage anglers to fish open trout waters this winter and Barrington is a focus point. Hoorah!!! About time I think, as Brushy Lagoon, in my opinion is overstocked, and Barrington the last couple of years has seen little of the Atlantic Salmon releases. So anglers should look forward to this. Barrington is unique in that it doesn’t seem to get as much inclement weather in winter, and with its steep sides we barely have problems with wind.

Good fishing and please call into the store for up to date info anytime you are in Devonport. Leroy Tirant – Bigfin Sportsfishing.

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