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At last a day without wind or rain had me heading off with the trout rod to check out a couple of rivers to fish. Well the two that I was hoping to have a session in were both running too high for my liking so I went to a small creek some 20 kilometers away that I often have a fish in early season. Today I'm hoping it will give up a fish or two today as well. Once there I found it was running reasonably high and very cloudy in colour, but still fish-able. Before I put the waders & boots on I thought I would just flick a WildBait hard body lure from the banks of the creek. It only took a couple of casts before I had a hit and miss, so the signs were there that there may be a few fish about. I fished along the creek for just on fifty meters for three nice browns all in the 300gm - 500gm range. So it was back to the car and on with the wading gear.

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Penguin Report 25/3/2013

Spork and Simmo went for a fish yesterday at Penguin. After sussing out a few launching spots we came up with this one as the easiest. We unloaded, set up our gear and hit the water.  With no wind, rain or waves, what a great morning !
Not many fish caught but the squid were playing havoc with the plastics.

Spork managed to land a prize winning gurnard,  you may laugh, but they are great on the tooth.
I was out with Spork for a while then moved in to fish around what I named the “Little Hippolyte”,I was snapped off there earlier so I went back to try again.
Soon I was on again and it had to be something good , I caught two Sweep and lost a big salmon on a Strike tiger sp :)
I suppose it was about 11.30 when I headed back out to Spork to see how he went, still 1 Gurnard.
The wind and chop started so we headed in with a rather decent swell as well.
We returned back to the launching area to find it was quite a good spot.
When all is said and done, thanks Spork for a great morning’s entertainment. It’s always great out on the water with great people and friends.
Cheers President Simmo







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