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Catch in the kitchen - Trout Ceviche

by Michael Bok

With the opening of the trout season just a breath away, much to the relief of many anglers. At last they will now have something practical to do with their spare time. I though I would look for some different ways of treating trout, rather than just cooking then in the traditional manner.

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Swansea 1/2/2014

Bill Williams has been at me for a while to take him fishing. I always enjoy Bill's dry sense of humour so I told him to organise the weather for today (Sunday) and we would head to Swansea in pursuit of a flathead or two. I received a phone call on Wednesday saying he has spoken to the powers that the weather would be perfect ... and it was.
Bill must have friends in high places! Leaving home at 6am and arriving at Saltworks road around 8ish, we were soon on the water and into them. We landed approximately 70 in a couple of hours.
Bill had one word he kept repeating...AWESOME!
It was a good day, spent with my son and a couple of really good (I won’t say old) fella’s.
They have got to improve on their jokes though....
Thanks guys,
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