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Ten top holiday sites for summer fishing

Andrew Richardson

It could be any suburban home, on any given day of any summer holiday. Your peaceful serenity is disturbed when you are woken up at six a.m. by your daughter screaming at you that her brother has just pulled the head of her Barbie doll, again. You roll over and put your own head under your pillow but your wife shakes you violently and tells you to get outside and mow the lawns. The dog howls, the cat screeches and you cry "ENOUGH! I'm going fishing'

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Bicheno Report 10/3/2013

I headed out to Bicheno this morning, along with my daughter Demi, son Jacob and the guru Phil Zanetto. Given the promising weather forecast the plan was to troll out to our striped trumpeter spots with the hope of catching a few albacore along the way. As we arrived at the foot of the Elephant pass, we were disappointed to see white caps and a southerly wind blowing in at around 20 knots,... that along with a 2 metre swell !!

By the time we arrived at Bicheno boat ramp, we had made up our minds that tuna would be our only target today, forget the bottom bouncing! Wasn’t on the water long when two rods went off and Demi and Jacob found out how much 5kg stripy tuna pull. A short time after, Phil was onto another and then Demi another. Although the weather was improving, it had taken its toll on Jacob and we had to head in due to his sea sickness, "oh well, always next time".
The water was 17.9 degrees, lots of shearwaters (mutton birds) around and working on the bait fish. We reckon ( had we made it out to the hundred metre mark ), anything could have happened in regards to what else was underneath those bait schools. Thanks again Phil for all your advice and help with the kids today, I don’t think they will forget it in a hurry.
As Demi stated, “they sure are hard on the arms, and when are we going again?”


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