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Fishing Bruny Island Part 1 Trout and Bream fishing


Bruny Island is an island off the South East Coast of Tasmania. It is situated around 40 minutes South of Hobart and is accessed from Kettering via the Mirambeena vehicle ferry. Bruny Island features the most southern hotel in Australia and was also where the first apples in Australia were planted. It has very little habitation with the bulk of the island being forestry areas or national parks and farms. The coast line is dotted with shacks and there are a few small residential areas.  It has beautiful beaches and exceptional surfing at Cloudy Bay.
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IFS Report October 2010

by Sarah Graham

There are a couple of interesting things happening on the Carp Management front at Lake Sorell. For instance, Professor Peter Sorrensen, from the USA has been working with the Service in the carp pheremone trials at Lake Sorell which are being conducted at the moment. And there have been some interesting findings about the behaviour of juvenile carp, which have been observed to favour different habitats in the Lake compared with the adult fish. I will follow up with these stories over the next week or two.

Recreational Sea Fishing Guide 2010 -11  Out Now

The new guide is now available from Service Tasmania, most tackle shops, and soon from our friendly Fishcare Volunteers.  Have a look its also on line ! (click here)

Latest web stories from the IFS

If you would like to follow up on anything here or other stories, please contact me by mobile  or email.

Go whitebaiting in the next five weeks!
The Whitebait season opened last Friday 1 October for six weeks, closing on Thursday 11 November. Early reports from the North West indicate that the runs are patchy and the fishing is slow. However Inland Fisheries Inspectors interviewed around 60 whitebaiters over two days and most were happy with the fishing despite the low catch rates.

Fishwise Community Grant Round Opens

Organisations, community groups or individuals can land a Fishwise Community Grant with more than $380,000 available for projects that benefit recreational sea fisheries management or educate the fishing community. 
Individuals and community groups can receive funding for projects that will protect and promote recreational fishing activities for future generations.”
To be eligible to apply for a Fishwise Community Grant, projects must be relevant to recreational sea fishing in one or more of the following areas:
•      improved resource management;
•      education and awareness;
•      training that aids better fishing practices.

News from IFS..

On Thursday, 2 September, Brushy Lagoon received 200 Atlantic salmon and 110 rainbow trout, and Craigbourne Dam received 330 Atlantic salmon, in the first of this season's Spring stockings. Four waters in the North East (Blackmans, Big and Little Waterhouse, and Pioneer Dam) were also stocked.
Read the details at
More stockings are planned for next week. Stay tuned.

Rules for Angler Access on Private Property

The IFS has recently posted an article on Rules for Angler Access on Private Property. Thanks to Neil for info and Caroline for suggestion in response to inquiries.

REDMAP - The place to report uncommon fish and get prizes

REDMAP (Range Expansion Database and Mapping Project), is a new interactive website designed to collect data from the community about how climate change may be influencing the distribution of marine species in Tasmanian waters.
Many species are undergoing range expansions or shifts in their distributional range, with those more often associated with waters around Victoria, South Australia and even New South Wales being more frequently caught or seen by local fishers and divers in Tasmania. There are also species that are usually present in the north of our state moving much further south. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that several dozen species have altered their usual geographical ranges over the last few decades.

IFS Hatchery and Stocking Report, May 2010

  by Sarah Graham - Inland Fisheries Service

As the weather cools and water temperatures begin to drop, the activities of Inland Fisheries hatchery staff are hotting up! Hatchery work of fish feeding and grading has increased over recent weeks, along with fish transfers to allocated waters, and the job of harvesting eggs from spawning wild brown trout in the Central Plateau, has come earlier than in recent years.

Draft Boating Infrastructure Plan released for Comment

by Sarah Graham (IFS)
Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), Hydro and IFS have recently conducted an audit and inspection of boating facilities on Tasmania’s lakes and lagoons. From this process a Draft Boating Infrastructure Plan has been developed giving details of each location and recommendations for future maintenance and development. The Plan, which will guide the three organisations in respect of funding priorities for boating facilities into the future, is available for comment until 30 May 2010 by recreational boaters.

Supporting Australia’s recreational fishing industry

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke released on Wednesday the 31st of March 2010, a draft discussion paper to help shape the future of the recreational fishing industry in Australia.

IFS News

Recent stocking, carp news, boat ramps, kids pond and more.

New Ministerial Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee appointed (Marine).

The Minister of Fisheries and Primary Industries has appointed new
membership for the Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee. Overall
there were 25 nominations for the 9 recreational fisheries positions.
The appointment for the Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee is in
the table below.

Inland Fisheries News - stocking, PFD blitz and more

Trophy Fish Stocked into Brushy Lagoon

Brushy Lagoon received 200 trophy size fish on Monday 15 February - 150 rainbow trout and 50 Atlantic salmon - with an average weight of 4 kg! These quality fish were donated by Sevrup Fisheries, a subsiduary of Petuna.

MAST Boating Weather - Think SAFETY - Phone BEFORE you go

Southern Tasmania 6233 9955   Northern Tasmania 6323 2555

North-west Tasmania 6498 7755    Eastern Tasmania 6376 0555

Recreational marine fisheries news

Spawning closure for east coast calamari and squid

The commercial and recreational southern calamari and squid fisheries will be closed in an area off Tasmania's east coast from 15 October to 14 November (inclusive) to protect southern calamari at their peak spawning time.

How about nominating for RecFAC?

The Minister for Primary Industries and Water is currently seeking nominations to fill nine vacancies for recreational fisheries representatives on the Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee (RecFAC).

Top waters - recommended by the IFS

Tasmanians are lucky to be surrounded by a wealth of prime trout fishing destinations with both lake and river fisheries well catered for.  With the 2005-06 angling season starting on Saturday 6 August, it is timely for anglers to reflect on the success of last season and begin to peruse maps in order to plan for the coming trout season.
Over the past twelve months, the Inland Fisheries Service has been busy with the most intense stocking program in recent times.  This has seen brown, rainbow and brook trout, in-conjunction with large Atlantic salmon, released into various waters throughout the State. The information provided below should assist both new and dedicated trout anglers to make plans for the coming season.

Anglers win fight for netting restrictions to stay

New rules for Scalefish came into place in Tasmania on 1 November 2004. Part of the rules was Rule 73, which removed night netting for recreational fishers.
Despite the fact that is was well accepted and it reduced long soak times, a practice that is seen as unsustainable, Legislative Councillor, Paul Harriss moved a motion to disallow that rule.
Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News lobbied hard for the rule to stay, as did many others.
On June 21 2005 TARFISH Chairman, Beres Taylor briefed the Legislative Council. Below is a shortened version. It is still long, but worth reading. It has taken many years to reach this position which will improve the fishery for the long term. 

Recent Trout Stocking 

Date   Species   Number   Age   Weight (g)   Origin   Stock   Type   Water

11/06/2009 brown trout 100 Adult 1100 Wild Diploid Penstock Lagoon

11/06/2009 brown trout 600 Adult 1100 Wild Diploid Brushy Lagoon

The Willow

The willow (Salix taxa) has recently been declared a weed of national significance (WONS) by the National Weed Strategy Executive Committee (DPIWE, 02). The pretense for this classification was that willows pose ten possible threats; 

How Effective is the Inland Fisheries Service?

Greg French

For some time now a number of people involved with our recreational fisheries have been asking me my opinion of the IFS. I get the feeling that many of these people are after moral support in their opposition to current management methods and strategies.

Carp reduction program continues

Paul Donkers (Technical Officer-Carp Management IFS) outlines the latest progress.
European carp were introduced to mainland Australia in 1872. Their adaptability and fecundity have ensured their present position as the predominant fish species in the Murray-Darling basin and many other waterways on the mainland.

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