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Presented from Issue 96
Traditionally the age old art of fish taxidermy has involved the preserving, mounting and painting of the fishes skin and head to craft a life like trophy. In more recent times fibreglass fish reproductions or ‘repro’s’ have become available, offering the trophy hunter a viable alternative. Indeed, a well crafted repro can look as good and natural as a well made skin mount.

I was inspired to touch on this subject after hearing secondhand comments that ‘skin mounts don’t last!’ That’s true if the mount wasn’t made correctly in the first place. We’ve all seen the withered and colourless mounts hanging on pub and tackle shop walls, of hardly recognisable specimens caught 20 or 30 yrs ago, and in some cases not that long ago. Well, fish taxidermy has come a long way since those days, with modern techniques and products developed specifically for the industry there is no reason why a properly crafted skin mount should not last a lifetime.

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New Seaward Limit Signage for the Huon River

The Inland Fisheries Service has recently installed new posts and signs locating the seaward limit on the Huon River.

Obstructing a Boat Ramp – Don’t Do This!

It’s the responsibility of all anglers to respect the rights of other anglers and freshwater recreational users. Preventing other boating anglers from using a boat ramp at a public inland water is not only disrespectful behaviour, it is prohibited by law and may cost the perpetrator more than a social rebuff by fellow anglers.

DPIPWE Fishing News May 2012

Welcome to the May edition of Fishing News from the Wild Fisheries Management Branch of DPIPWE updating you on what's happening in Tasmania's sea fisheries.

MAST and Boat dealers at Agfest

Boating in Tasmania continues to grow at an astounding rate with the recent “Boatwise” publication being sent to in excess of 50,000 Tasmanian boaties. This means around 10% of the population are involved directly in boating by way of either owning a boat or holding a licence.

News from the IFS

Blue Green Algae Awareness over Summer

Increasing water temperature at Woods Lake make it susceptible to blooms of blue green algae

The Latest from the IFS 29/10/2011

Woods Lake road maintenance continues
Newly graded and levelled section of Woods Lake road
Maintenance work commenced on Woods Lake Road last week as part of an ongoing commitment by the Inland Fisheries Service. The road was upgraded before the opening of the angling season last year and was in need of further maintenance this season. The worst section between Arthurs Lake and Paradise Plains has now been graded and levelled, and more work will be undertaken on additional sections of the road in November in conjunction with improvements to the Woods Lake boat ramp.

IFS News October 2011

River Access Brochure on Rights and Responsibilities
Angler access to river fisheries - know your rights and responsibilities.
In response to the many general inquiries regarding angler access to rivers, the Inland Fisheries Service has developed a River Access brochure contain­ing information on angler rights and responsibilities. It lists the simple access rules and signage, safety and code of conduct, as well as the general princi­ples that apply in Tasmania.

Fishing News from the Wild Fisheries Management Branch of DPIPWE updating you on what's happening in Tasmania's sea fisheries for October 2011.

Recreational Licences on Sale

The Recreational Fishing licences for the 2011-12 season will be on sale from Monday 17th October.  You can buy them from Service Tasmania or online at

A few short news items from the IFS website

Whitebait Fishing Season Opens on Saturday 1 October

The recreational whitebait fishing season starts on Saturday 1 October and lasts for 6 weeks, closing on Friday 11 November. A whitebait licence is required for whitebating if you are over 10 years of age. The licence costs $28 this year and it can be bought at any Service Tasmania shop and at select private agents.

Redmap Project

Winter in Tasmania seems to be a time to slow down, pop on the kettle and usually in my family, share a flu or two. I like to look out of my window at the woolly weather, but clearly this is not the case for all those keen (crazy) fishers and divers out there who still have been reporting unusual fish sightings over this chilly winter period. For that the Redmap team thank you! You are the stars that make the collection of this previously unrecorded information, and the Redmap website, such a success.

Inspectors Reports for the Angling Season Opening Weekend Patrols

The weekend of 6-7 August this year marked the official start of the 2011-12 angling season. Traditionally, anglers eagerly await the opening of the season and fishing trips are planned well in advance regardless of the weather, which given the time of the year, is often inclement. It’s also an important working weekend for the Inland Fisheries Service. Inland fisheries inspectors undertake patrols throughout the State, visiting popular waters to interview anglers, check licences and enforce the regulations.

DPIPWE Fishing News Updates August 2011

Recreational Rock Lobster Fishery
  • The 2010/11 recreational rock lobster season will close on 31 August 2011.
  • The 2011/12 season will open on Saturday 5th November 2011.
  • The season for females will close on 30 April 2012, followed by the closure for males on 31 August 2012.
More information at our Recreational Fishing Seasons webpage:

Season Opening Angler Notifications and Reminders

High water level at Arthurs Lake has restricted access to Pumphouse Bay boat ramp. Boaters are advised to use alternative ramps at the dam wall and Jonah Bay until the level drops.
The new season starts on Saturday 6 August

IFS News July 7th 2011

The majority of adult transfers of wild brown trout captured over the winter spawning period and stocked into priority waters around the State, are now complete and will be ready to catch when the season opens on Saturday 6 August.

New Season Dates and Information for Full Season Licence Holders

by Sarah Graham IFS

The start of the new season this year is on Saturday 6 August. This marks the opening of brown trout waters which remain open until 29 April 2012, while rainbow trout waters open on 31 October and close on 3 June next year.

The start of the new season this year is on Saturday 6 August.

Latest IFS News

News includes:

IFS News - News 2011 05 23

Trout Weekend at Liawenee - a Highland Success Story
by Sarah Graham
It was another brilliant Trout Weekend at Liawnee this weekend 21-22 May, with an estimated 6000 people attending the event over the two-days.
Visitors were enthralled to watch spawning trout being stripped of their eggs for cultivation by the IFS


IFS News - Hatchery Report

by Sarah Graham
This Hatchery Report covers the work of the IFS hatchery staff during April. It covers the collection of brown trout ova and grading of fish to complete the stocking of remaining waters in the annual wild brown stocking program.


IFS News - Tassal Salmon Donation

by Sarah Graham
Tassal recently donated over 1000 large male Atlantic salmon for recreational angling. The IFS stocked Craigbourne Dam and Lake Meadowbank with these 3-4 kg fish.
Tassal recently donated over 1000 large male Atlantic salmon for recreational angling. The fish were ex brood stock, now surplus to requirements, and as Phil Adams from Tassal said, “We don’t need them and it’d be a shame to waste these magnificent fish!” The fish which weighed 3-4 kg were stocked into Craigbourne Dam (740 fish) and Lake Meadowbank (300) in the past two weeks

Trout Weekend 21-22 May 2011

by Sarah Graham, IFS
Come and see hundreds of wild brown trout on their annual spawning run at Liawenee, Great Lake.

Watch the trout being trapped and stripped of eggs for culture by staff of the Inland Fisheries Service. The hatchling are grown to young fish and used to restock Tasmania's legendary wild trout fishery – an activity that's been going on for nearly 150 years. It’s a unique piece of Tasmania's angling heritage.

This week's news from the IFS

Hydro Tasmania Agrees to Higher Lake Levels at Arthurs and Woods Lakes
On Thursday 31 March, the Deputy Premier and Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Bryan Green witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Roy Adair, the CEO of Hydro Tasmania and Inland Fisheries" Director, John Diggle, which will help ensure higher lake levels for Arthurs and Woods lakes in the future.

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