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Presented from Issue 108, February 2014

Michal Rybka shares some useful trout techniques that he discovered on a recent trip to the Canadian wilderness.


For the third time now, I have been fortunate enough to fish for trout and salmon in British Columbia, Canada.

The most recent trip was certainly the most enlightening, with lots learned. My experience started when I walked into one particular tackle store in the city of Vancouver. While the size of the shop was the first thing I noticed, I was more intrigued by what was on the shelves!

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

All  the  latest  news  for  the  2012-13  sea fishing season  from the Recreational Fisheries  Section of  DPIPWE.

Community Fishing Forums
Community Fishing Forums are being held in the north and north west of the State next week.  The dates are St Helens - 18 March, Launceston - 19 March and Devonport - 20 March.  More details on the attached flyer. 

Come along to hear talks on Tasmania's recreational and commercial fisheries, participate in panel discussions and enjoy fishing gear demonstrations, responsible fishing advice and a barbeque with Fishcare.

Community Fishing Forums

Please feel free to distribute the attached flyer for Community Fishing Forums being held in the Northern part of the state in March.  The concept is being trialled and if there is sufficient interest we will conduct similar forums in the South at a later date.

Feel free to provide feedback. A PDF flyer is available here

MAST on Facebook

This just a quick message to let you know MAST has hit the year running and we are now on FACEBOOK
We are moving with the times with new ways to communicate! . This will be a good way for you to keep in touch with what is happening around the waterways of the state.
Look forward to seeing you all during the year.

Angler's Association Supports Fire Appeal

The Corralinn Fly Fishing & Casting Association recently convened a sausage sizzle as a means of supporting the Tasmanian Fire Relief Appeal. This was performed by courtesy of Bunnings Launceston. 14 members assisted working in shifts throughout the day. Through the generosity of a great public a profit of $1500 was achieved which was duly forwarded to the fund. 
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Recreational Fishery Closures (from )

The area closed to commercial and recreational rock lobster fishing on Tasmania’s east coast has been increased to include waters from Eddystone Point to Waterhouse Island.
Laboratory test results received today (Fri Dec 21)confirmed that rock lobster sampled north of the closed area on December 15 had now been impacted by toxic alga.

Situation report on East Coast Algal Event Emergency Closures 19/12/2012

A situation update dated 20 December is now available on the Emergency Fishery Closures webpage at
Eddystone Point to the southern end of Marion Bay will remain closed to recreational rock lobster fishing for the time being - this means the area will not be opened before Christmas/New Year.
Recreational fishers who are considering heading north of Eddystone Point are also encouraged to keep up to date with public health warnings and status of the fishery.
The recreational abalone fishery opened from 14 December 2012.

Situation report on East Coast Algal Event Emergency Closures

A situation update dated 13 December is now available on the Emergency Fishery Closures webpage at Eddystone Point to the southern end of Marion Bay remains closed to recreational rock lobster fishing i.e no change to the closure for rock lobster. The recreational abalone fishery in the area will be opened from 14 December 2012.

Situation report on East Coast Algal Event Emergency Closures

A situation update dated 7 December is now available on the Emergency Fishery Closures webpage at

  • Sampling and testing indicates that Flathead and squid are safe to eat.
  • The area from Eddystone Point to the southern end of Marion Bay remains closed for fishing and taking of rock lobster and abalone for recreational fishers.
  • The recreational rock lobster and abalone closure will remain in place pending the results from rock lobster samples and other sampling within the closed area.
  • Results expected over the next week should give a better indication of how long the closures will be in place.

Public Health Contacts
For up to date information about public health alerts relating to eating shellfish, refer to the Director of Public Health's current Public Health warnings or phone the Department of Health and Human Services hotline on 1800 671 738.

East Coast Closures 29/11/2012

An update from DPIPWE on the emergency closure of part of the east coast of Tasmania to recreational rock lobster and abalone fishing.
Emergency Closures FAQs
On Thursday, 22 November 2012, part of the east coast of Tasmania was closed to recreational rock lobster and abalone fishing.  Some commercial fisheries are also closed.  The Recreational Fisheries Section of DPIPWE has been receiving a large volume of enquiries about the closure and a set of frequently asked questions has now been released with answers to questions such as:

  • How long will the closure be in place?
  • Can fishers transit through the closed area?
  • Which fish can I eat?

An update on the closure issued on 29 November, and the FAQs and answers can be found on the Emergency Fishery Closures webpage at

Recreational Fishery Closures - East Coast

Part of the east coast of Tasmania has been closed to recreational rock lobster and abalone fishing from midnight, Thursday 22 November 2012.  The affected area is from Eddystone Point in the north to Marion Bay in the south (see map below).

Latest News from the IFS 9/11/2012


Here are some of the latest news stories from the IFS. To see the full story click your mouse over the title. There have been a number of stockings over the last month, go to the stocking data base to see details.
Compliance activity on the northern Tasmania long weekend

On the weekend of the 3rd to 5th of November IFS compliance team and Tasmania conducted patrols of the Central Plateau to coincide with the long weekend in northern Tasmania. Throughout the three days...

Fishcare Calendar of Events

Fishcare Volunteers from the Northern, North-West and Southern regions attend fishing and community events around the state. Check the calendar below to find when they'll be at a fishing show or school fair near you.
If you'd like more information about Fishcare events, follow this link.

Statewide Training - Marine Discovery Centre

Fishcare training sessionThe Wild Fisheries Management Branch recently conducted a pre-recreational fishing season training weekend for Fishcare volunteers on 12-13 October 2012.

More salmon stocked at Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake IFS News 3/11/2012

More salmon stocked at Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake


Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake have had over 1200 salmon stocked into each during the last month. The IFS stocked another 600 Atlantic salmon into Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake. The fish were donated by Tassal and average 2.5 kilograms.


The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) has elected the Hobart- based angler Brett Cleary to the Presidency of the organisation in its 75th year as the national administration body for the sport of game fishing in the country.

2012-2013 Sea Fishing Season News from DPIPWE

Time to renew your licence
A reminder to fishers to renew their licences for abalone, rock lobster, scallops, netting and set-lines ahead of the start of the new recreational sea fishing licensing year on Thursday, 1 November 2012.
Sea fishing licences are available from all Service Tasmania shops and on the internet at

Sea Fishing Guide Available Online

The 2012-13 Recreational Sea Fishing Guide is now available online.  You can pick up a copy of the Guide or buy your licence for the new season from Service Tasmania outlets from 15 October.

Tasmanian Carp Management Program 2011-12 Annual Report

Thanks to all that have assisted us over the past twelve months. Please find attached the Tasmanian Carp Management Program 2011-12 annual report.

Regards - Chris

Latest Stories from the IFS website

Tasmanian carp eradication program taken to the international stage
The success of the IFS Carp Management Program has drawn some very positive international attention, with many countries keen to learn from our experience and expertise.

IFS Stocking News

Lake Kara was stocked today with 450 Atlantic salmon averaging 2kg, the fish were donated by Saltas from Wayatinah.
Brushy Lagoon was stocked with 500 rainbow trout averaging 2.5kg on Thursday, the fish were donated by the Springfield hatchery.
Regards John Diggle
Director of Inland Fisheries

Conference highlights rec fishing importance

21 Aug 2012 - By Jim Harnwell
THE importance of recreational fishing to the Australian economy, as well as the role anglers can play as "stewards" of marine and freshwater environments, were among the issues discussed at the National Recreational Fishing Conference, held on the Gold Coast on the weekend.
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