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Sea runners - Early Season Excitement - Christopher Bassano

Presented from Issue 100
Considering the world class quality of our sea trout fishery, these fish are not sought after by enough anglers. Sea runners live in the salt water and run up our estuaries and rivers from the start of August to the middle of November. At this time of the year, they are here to eat the many species of fish that are either running up the rivers to spawn or are living in and around the estuary systems. Trout, both sea run and resident (Slob Trout) feed heavily on these small fish which darken in colouration as they move further into fresh water reaches.

The majority of these predatory fish are brown trout with rainbows making up a very small percentage of the catch. They can be found all around the state but it would be fair to say that the east coast is the least prolific of all the areas. They still run up such rivers as the Georges (and many others) but their numbers along with the quality of the fishing elsewhere make it difficult to recommend the area above the larger northern, southern and western rivers.

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ifs trout jumpingHave you thought about going fishing? Fancy a feed of trout or salmon?

Easter is a great time to get back to nature and drop a line in the water. Recharge and enjoy the natural beauty that Tasmania has to offer.

With only a month of the brown trout open season to go – get out there and make the most of it.

The recent rain falling at Bronte Lagoon should see some water filling the mash creating a smorgasbord of drowned terrestrials for tailing fish.

Tooms and Leake will have cooled down and fishing conditions will have improved. The cooler weather should see red spinners begin to become a feature again at Lake Leake. Tooms Lake offers good fishing for all methods.

Try twilight fishing at Four Spring Lake. Mudeyes or imitations fished around the partially submerged logs or trees on evening could produce some exciting twilight action on large brown trout.
At Talbots Lagoon you might find the tail end of the mudeyes migrating from the weed beds. Grasshoppers should be providing effective bait still during the end of March and into early April.

Recent rains have created good flows in the rivers. The River Derwent is a great option. Accessible fishing in available in many places and you’ll find angler access points from Otago Bay to Gretna. If you are looking for a little challenge, think about trying some evening fishing from New Norfolk. For the fly fisherman, a calm morning may still be producing great fish.
South Esk River offers some outstanding fishing along it’s entire length. With the anglers access points opened this season you can fish from the Upper Esk all the way to Hadspen.

While you are out there having a fish, why not take some photos and enter the 2017-18 Trout Photo Competition. There are cash and gear prizes on offer - 1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: 1xpair Neoprene waders (Fly 'n Dry), 3rd Place: 12 x Lures (Hueys Lures). Click on the "Photo Comp Info" button below for more details. Entries close 30 April and winners will be announced at Liawenee trout weekend.

Trout weekend, Liawenee is on again this year, May 19-20. Come and see hundreds of brown trout on their annual spawning migration in our Central Highlands. Watch wild trout being stripped of eggs. With plenty of activities on offer, if you haven't been to Liawenee open weekend yet, there has never been a better time to get up to the highlands and see what all the fuss is about.

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