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Fishing on the Wild Side

Fishing on the Wild Side

Mike Fry doesn’t only live on the Wild Side of Tasmania, but also goes fishing in probably the wildest boat ever to troll for trout—certainly in Tasmania. 
When your mate says ‘What are you doing tomorrow, want to come up the Gordon for the night?’ it would be pretty hard to say anything else except “you bet” and start checking out your tackle box and packing your overnight bag. But if your mate was Troy Grining and he wanted to give his new 52ft, high speed cruiser a run across Macquarie Harbour, test the new onboard dory with a chance of landing a nice Gordon River Brown you would have to feel privileged. I didn’t say anything about getting on my hands and knees and kissing his feet…just having a lend of ya’ but I did feel very appreciative.

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Abbott Government is about to approve the slaughter of more dolphins

You won’t believe it. The Abbott Government is about to approve the slaughter of more dolphins by the foreign factory trawler Geelong Star. Send an urgent email here to the Environment and Fisheries Ministers and make sure they don’t approve more dolphin deaths.

Dolphins are known to feed at night, and after the Geelong Star killed nine dolphins in its first two fishing trips, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority banned it from night fishing. But now, the operators of the Geelong Star are crying poor and lobbying to lift the night fishing ban, even though they don’t have a proven way to stop dolphins and seals dying.

The Abbott Government is expected to make a decision about approving night fishing (and dolphin killing) in the next three days. Please click here to sign a quick email to the Government urging them to protect our dolphins.


Dolphins and redbait. Photo: Jonathon Poyner

Seafish – the Tasmanian operators of the factory trawler Geelong Star – pleaded guilty to a string of pollution charges in a Tasmanian court last week. Parlevliet en van der Plas – the foreign owners of the Geelong Star – have been charged with illegal overfishing a number of times overseas.

Don’t let the Abbott Government put the interests of these criminals ahead of our protected dolphins, our local fisheries and our coastal communities. Send the Ministers an email today using our easy online form.

We will be stepping up the action against super trawlers over the next few months because we don’t think the Abbott Government would dare go into the next election boasting dead dolphins and plundered recreational fisheries, and we’ll need your help. 

It’s fair to say that the campaign against super trawlers in Australia has been one of the most inspiring, uniting and effective campaigns for our oceans in recent history. Thank you for making this happen!

Bec, Erika, Corinne and the Stop the Trawler crew

p.s. Dolphins are known for feeding at night, so if the Abbott Government approves a return to night trawling by the Geelong Star, they will be approving dolphin deaths. Send our Ministers an urgent email today and tell them to protect our dolphins from destructive factory trawlers.

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