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"Angling is an art - Hannah Ledger

and an art worth your learning.."

Presented from Issue 112, October 2014
So said Izaak Walton in the 1600s. It seems that Burnie’s Hannah Ledger has combined angling with art rather well. Hannah is a fish fanatic, outdoor enthusiast and budding, self-taught artist. From as young as she can remember, she has always had crayon in hand, colouring book under arm and as she’s grown as a painter, jars full of paintbrushes and cupboards full of ready-to-go blank canvas’.

A country girl at heart, Hannah was schooled at Yolla District High School, a small ‘farm’ school in the states North West, then went on to Hellyer College where she was given the opportunity to really grow her art skills; And by grow, that meant skipping the classes that would probably have more an impact of getting her somewhere in life, like English and Math to spend every spare minute with the art teacher, painting or drawing.

As typical teenagers do, they make poor decisions- and after being accepted in to one of the countries top art schools, turned down the offer and decided to move to the big island, where she lived for 5 years working in what seemed ‘dead end’ retail.

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coastal-catches-2015-02-26Coastal Catches 26/2/2015

There are some encouraging signs happening at the moment as far as fishing goes. With the weather becoming more settled it has allowed more fisho’s to get out and about and have a fish. There are a few grasshoppers on the water in rivers and this will only get better if there are more hot days. Saltwater is going well with Game fish being caught off the East Coast and gummy shark and flathead up this end of the state.
Those fishing the lakes have been finding fish a bit hard to find there are however some exceptions. If you can be in the right place at the right time there are fish there to be caught.
Eaglehawk neck is starting to build with some good sized Albacore Tuna being caught there last weekend. There were some good sized Bluefin caught further south near Pedra Branca. We also had an encouraging report of a couple of Bluefin Tuna that were caught in a net at Strahan. There were a couple more caught on rods and fish were sighted busting up on the surface. If the weather is reasonable the West Coast will be a good spot to try for a Bluefin.

There were some Marlin that were seen jumping out of the water out on the shelf near St. Helens so they are around as well. Game Fishing around the State is certainly starting to hot up and I expect it will only get better in the coming weeks.
King George whiting are still being caught along the North Coast all the way from the Far Northwest right round to Georges bay at St. Helens. Low head has been a hotspot and is well worth a try. Nippers, pippies and sandworms are among the best baits to use, however I am reliably told that squid was working very well last weekend.
There are still Gummy Shark and Flathead being caught along the coast and a boat is a significant advantage. There were some caught last weekend off Burnie and Sisters Beach and I did hear about a by-catch of a Snapper.
The Devonport Junior Anglers are having a Junior Angling day at Taylors Dam Latrobe this Sunday. It has been brought forward by a week due to the March long weekend. All are welcome and it will run from 10am till 2pm.



Keegan Weller with his first Western Lakes Trout that he caught on a fly.

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