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Ikijimi method of killing fish

Once you have caught your fish it is most important that you handle and care for it correctly to ensure that it does not deteriorate to the point it is wasted.
Deterioration occurs both through chemical and bacterial processes. Depending on the time taken and subsequent treatment of catch this will affect the taste and texture of meat.
All wanted fish should be killed humanely and quickly.

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Coastal Catches 8/2/2013

I was interested to read that the IFS are going to be doing some electro fishing surveys in some of our rivers. There has been quite a bit of talk recently with regard to the number of cormorants that are around and their possible effect on fish numbers. Anecdotally, rivers that have been prolific producers of trout in the past have in recent months produced low catch rates. The IFS will electro fish the River Leven, Tyenna, Russell, Mersey, St Patricks and Meander rivers to ascertain the density of trout and the spread of size classes. The methods used will allow comparison of previous results from surveys conducted in the 1990's, 1980's and 1970's. The report will be released about March this year and should make interesting reading.

There have been some good Australian Salmon being caught in the Burnie area recently. One angler had some great fun on the beach west of the Makers Workshop using Atomic ripper soft plastics in pearl blue. He said that when he cleaned the Salmon the baitfish they were feeding on were almost identical in colour and size. There were some good sized fish amongst his catch.
Some anglers have been targeting Australian Salmon using fly gear. You can effectively fish off boats or off the shore in estuaries. A #7 Weight fly rod is a good sized rod to use and if you hook up on a 4lb plus you will have your hands full. A green, white or blue clouser fly is a good one to have a go at them with.
There are plenty of Arrow Squid all along the coast and they are being caught in good numbers. One customer came in and stocked up on Yoshikawa Red and White hard body squid jigs and said they had been really good.
The nineteen lagoons area has been producing some well conditioned trout when conditions have been reasonable. Lake Augusta has been good for spin fishers particularly in the deeper water near the dam. Fly fishers have been doing well polaroiding the shallows.
The Devonport Anglers Club Junior anglers program is on again the Sunday 10th Feb. At Taylors dam at Latrobe. All are welcome and the day starts at 10am till 3pm.



Nick Milbourne with a good sized Australian Salmon that he caught near Wrights Island East Devonport.


Kiah House with a King George Whiting that he caught in the Circular Head area.

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