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Surf fishing around Tasmania

by Ron McBain 

I regard myself as an all round angler, fishing for trout in small mountain streams right through to fishing for marlin, tuna and other game fish in our deep waters. But without doubt, one of my favourite forms of fishing is surf fishing - fishing off our beaches for a variety of species that one can catch.

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Curries River Lake

We had a trip to Curries River Lake today with Dale & Trev Howard. Dale picked me up around 10.30am and we arrived there about 11.15am. No one else was there which was good so we had the lake to ourselves. We headed off to the south east corner where the small river enters the lake, things were quiet early, but we picked up plenty of fish on the sounder and they seemed to be hugging the bottom.

After plenty of casts with Yep hardbodys Dale finally nailed a beaut brownie of around 3lb on the Yep golden seducer. After this fish we started getting onto a few, managed a nice brown of around 2lb, then a nice little rainbow which were both caught on Yep KW Galaxid. Trev was next to strike with a nice little bowie on the Yep red nut. We could have had a few more in the boat if luck was with us a bit more, as we all missed a few. Also saw a couple move on top, the browns were feeding on galaxias and the rainbows had some sort of green mushed weed in their stomachs.
Thought that was a bit odd??
Also saw a pair of sea eagles and their nest high up in a dead tree, which made a fantastic sight.
So in summary, a good little session.
We will be doing a bit of fishing here next season, a much underrated water so close to home.
Thanks for taking me Unit.

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