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What is egi?
About 400 years ago a bloke in Japan was looking at squid in the harbour, while fishing, and thought there has to be a better way to catch these things. Until then the techniques were a dip net and teaser bait, cast or drag net. He studied the squid for some time and observed that the squid would prey on fish and shrimp as they slowed or stopped. After much trial and error he created an artificial bait that would suspend or sink very slowly in the water, and hopefully attract the squid to the artificial bait.

He called this artificial bait egi.

 At that stage it did not have barbs on the lower part of the egi and was used to excite the squid to attack and come close enough to pick up with a dip net. After much success attracting squid to the egi, but still having difficulty netting squid more thought came into the design.

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Curries River Reservoir 19/8/2012

I met up with Dale "Unit" Howard and his son Trevor at their house around 8.30ish this morning and had my son Jacob with me and after Dale picked Bailey Zanetto up on the way, we headed for Curries River Reservoir.
Upon arrival around 9.30, we observed that fellow President Warwick Medwin and his mate were already on the water fishing. We spoke to a couple of guys just getting off the water, they had a small rainbow of around a pound and a couple of browns that were a bit “underdone weight- wise”, but would still weigh in around three and a half pounds.

Working the southern shore Jacob and I managed a couple of browns around 1.5 pounds and lost a couple of others.
Dale’s boat did much better with 5 coming to the net and from memory I think Wally's boat landed seven for the day, with many others lost.
A BBQ Lunch cooked by “The Unit”  and a cup of coffee back at the ramp around 2.30 capped off an enjoyable little session.
Would I go back?... Absolutely!
No doubt there are big fish in there and despite it being a while since it was last stocked, there are obviously quite a few fish left in its depths for those that go in search of them.
I was surprised at the amount of fisher- people there today, (shore based and in boats).
Remember, this is an electric motor only water, if you do take a boat.
The bag limit is 5 with only two over 600 mm allowed.


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