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Trout tips - from tackle shops

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013

We did a bit of a runaround Tasmania’s tackle stores to see what their tips for the first month or so of the tackle season were. We asked what the top three places to fish were, plus lures, flies, baits and a few other things.
Here is a rundown on their answers Whenever, and wherever you fish - anywhere, or for any fish in the world - ask the locals and especially ask at the local tackle store. They know what was caught today, yesterday and on what.

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Pioneer Lake 12/8/2012

On the 12th of the August my dad said lets go fishing so I said, "Do you want to try a new spot ", so off we went. When we got there we decided who was getting which spot. I ended up getting the spot on the bank between 2 banks of reeds and dad has a jetty also between 2 reeds banks.

It started to rain lightly then after about an hour and a half it stopped and about half an hour latter I noticed my line on the running sinker rig started to go out so I waited 15 seconds then i struck. The line wasn't tight so I thought it wasn't on but I reeled it a bit more and it was. I called dad 3 times but we only heard me once. He came over as soon as he could but but the time he got their I had netted my first brown trout ever in a new spot and I ran up the bank. I wasn't sure if it was a brown trout or a salmon but after I sore a greeny ting on it's gill plate I realised it was a brown and I was as happy as I could be! My first ever brown trout which was my first fresh water I had ever nettet. It weighted 1.634kg  and was 56cm long.

Shawn Wellard

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