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Mussels: an open and shut case

Melissa Marino
Nick Ruello is a fisheries biologist, not a detective. But his love of seafood has led him to unravel one of the most pervasive urban myths around - that closed mussels are unsafe to eat.

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Pioneer Lake 4/8/2012

On the 4th of August I walked down to the Pioneer Lake at 6.20am. When i got there it was raining so I got ready and waited for the wind to calm down a bit then i made my first cast it blew back in with in 3 minutes but I didn't give up.

About 2 and a half hours later I saw a Rainbow trout try and eat my float then it took it down and as normal I waited 10 seconds then struck. Soon after I landed my first trout for the season. It weighted 2.3 pounds and was 46cm long.
Shawn Wellard

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