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North East Tasmania Trouting

Jamie Henderson
The North East Coast of Tasmania is undoubtedly home to some of the states best saltwater fishing; world class game fishing, amazing estuary sports fishing and some of the best bream fishing in the country. When we talk about quality trout fishing our minds and hearts always wander to magical western lake-tailing trout, dun hatches on Little Pine and big sea run trout on the west coast. However for East Coast trout anglers there are a number of fresh water gems closer to home that offer quality trout fishing to those willing to do a little leg work and poking about. The region has it all to offer from magical stream fishing to trophy trout waters and all within 90 minutes drive from the East Coast town of St Helens.

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Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself.
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It has been an epic journey of learning and discovery and I am indebted to Mike Stevens for his help, support and patience.
I am developing a new venture Rubicon Web and Technology Training ( ). The focus is two part, to develop websites for individuals and small business and to train people to effectively use technology in their everyday lives.

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Curries River Dam Report 12/8/2012

Looks like I am doing the report as Dale has handpassed it on to me! We fished Curries River Dam this arvo with Dale, Trev, & Bailey. We met up with them onsite around lunchtime. It was the first time here for me, but Dale has fished it a few times about 15 years ago and got some nice fish out of it on the fly.

Anyway, we launched the Stacer and headed over to the northern shore and it didn’t take long to get hooked up, we managed four nice brownies up to 3lb and lost another five.

Most fish were caught drifting and casting towards the reeds and fish were caught on Dales hard body “Red nut”, one on a black n gold tee tail & one on a strike pro hard body, we will certainly be going back there! I think we did a good job in such glassy sunny conditions. All fish were in good nick with very nice coloured flesh.

They had been feeding on snail & scud, in fact, Dale and I were amazed at the size of some of the scud found in one fishes gut... they were nearly an inch long.
I Can’t wait to give it a go with softies and hardbodys on a day with some cloud cover and a bit of breeze on top.

Thanks for a great afternoons fishing Dale. (AKA “The Unit.”)

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