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Fishing Highlights, August to September Daniel Hackett

The majority of Tasmanian fishers think of themselves as a relatively tough bunch, "any harder they'd rust', battling relentless snow, rain and sun (somebody has to do it). Despite the obvious ruggedness of the fishers in question, the battle hardened Taswegian trouter is more likely to be found tucked up in bed eating Nan's chicken soup during August and September rather then on the water. This is a pity because any time is a good time to go fishing, and August and September are no exceptions. Pack away your blouses, pull on a beanie and try a few of these highlights!

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

The updated Hydro Tasmania lake levels page

The lake levels published by Hydro Tasmania have always been of interest to anglers as a guide to how well lakes may be fishing. Fluctuations in levels often have a direct influence over the behaviour of trout. A lake's level at the time of fishing can have a bearing on where anglers can fish and safely navigate on some lakes.
You can click on this link to take you to the Lake Levels page - Lake Levels
For some time the only information that anglers could obtain was the height of water levels on some Hydro Tasmania controlled waters for a particular day. This has now changed with Hydro Tasmania publishing trends in water level fluctuations for a week prior in detail as well as the trend for the 12 months prior to the day. This information is now shown as a graphical display in two separate charts for all Hydro waters except Great Lake and Lake Liapootah.

Access to this information can be found on this website by going to the "Going Fishing" header, then "Things to Check" section (left hand collumn of the website) and clicking on the Lake Levels page which then gives a link to Hydro Lake levels page.

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