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The trout season just past has been one of continual change and innovation. New techniques and tackle from overseas, as well as different attitudes to fly dressing and presenting those flies have given progressive anglers much to digest over the closed season. While the cold and wet is with us, it is worthwhile contemplating just how some of these revelations can be applied to our trout fishing.

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Four Springs 15/8/2013

I met my friend John and his junior angler @ Foursey today, keen to break my recent “Trout drought”. By lunchtime Lachlan had landed one, John had dropped one, and I’d had just one hit but no hookup. My companions had to leave early afternoon, but I stayed on.

Wondering if there was a market for slightly used trout licenses, and promising my next trip would be for bream, or flathead, or squid, I finally hooked and landed a good fat ‘bow. Happy that I had dinner, I headed back to the ramp, trolling a couple of lures as I do, when a nice brown decided to jump onto my lure too!

My PB brown, and my best (non-stockie) rainbow, both in one day. Stoked!





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