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Chasing BIG Trout - The Protein Theory

In this very informative article, Inland Fisheries scientist Rodney Walker reveals some innovate British lake fishing methods that just might undo the big fish we all know exist down there in our favourite lakes.

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Four Springs 6/8/2013

I decided to have a day off work with Bailey and go fishing.
The mad Hungarian George Papp also came along,...he didn't want to work either .
So we left home around 9.30 am,got on the water at 10.30 am,dropped George off on the western shore,as he wanted to fly fish that shore line and Bailey and I drifted around the southern bay.

Within 30 minutes we had five in the boat,one being a rainbow,talk about fast action,lost a couple as well,fished for a coulple more hours and we managed another five,Bailey caught his bag limit using Dale's Yep Red Nut & I got my bag limit on the good old black & gold t,tails,best being around 4lb.
Fish seemed to come on the chew more when the sun was shining,when the wind and cloud came over things seemed to go quiet.
George caught a couple from the shore and he said it was hard going,he will have to get into some soft plastic and hardbody fishing he reckons,anyway we had a great session on the lake,we be back again real soon.



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