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Tiny creeks and sea run trout - Christopher Bassano

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013
Christopher Bassano fishes over 250 days a year. This interview was recorded just before he headed off to fish for Australia in the World Fly Fishing Championships in Norway 14-17 August 2013.

I live on a small stream and at the start of the season I like to go off on a bit of a discovery mission and fish the headwaters of the creeks and rivers I feel an affinity with.

These small rivers include the St Pats, Meander, Forester, Little Forester and others. The further up you go on these rivers the clearer and lower the levels. They are often less affected by the rain and runoff and you get some good opportunities. Get as close to the source as you can and you will find some good dry fly fishing. Don’t limit yourself to those I have mentioned. Most headwaters will hold trout.

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Brushy / Four Springs 22/8/2012

Hi everyone, Trev had a student free day today so no work for me either. Todd assured us we would catch fish At Brushy lagoon after a recent stocking of atlantics. We all met at the boat ramp around 8.30am and were joined by Reg Travers who is currently camping there. A quick coffee and we were ready to hook in!

It wasn't long before I had a nice one on, (but not for long), and he was gone. Ten minutes later Trev was on but his fish didn't even stop! We chased it with the electric motor, but he just kept going until “snap”... it was all over.
I had one more on and lost him at the boat, by then it was time for Todd’s famous eggs and bacon.
We were joined by Vic and Rose for a feed and a chat.
They had fared much better than us with Vic landing three.
Todd and Jacob didn’t do any good at all and it wasn’t long after that, the “Big Girly Man” headed for home.
Feeling a bit deflated as well, we called into Four Springs on the way home and managed a quick one on a Yep pumpkinseed and dropped 2 others.
I think that will be my last trip to Brushy
Dale & Trev


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