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Where to find trout as the days grow colder

by Greg French

Trout fishing - as the season winds down most Tasmanian trout waters are closed to angling from the end of April, but there are a few which can be fished throughout May. Greg French explains what each has to offer:

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Four Springs 21/8/2012

Fished Four Springs again got  there at about 9.00am to not much wind. Just enough to move the boat. Did a couple of drift for not even a touch. Then we drifted towards the trees out in the deep and it started.
Vic and I both caught fish in a short time, because then we cast for ages for nothing, just when we thought it was all done it started again. We ended up with our bag and put back 3 or 4.

The fish were in fine form when you got them on jumping out of the water , playing and pulling. One fish was just over 4 pound before cleaning the rest just under 4 pound.
The colour inside has improved to a nice light orange.
I suppose everyone  will be going out to Brushy to catch the 450 Salmon.
We may go next week but I Reckon Four Springs would be hard to beat.
Regards Rose and Vic

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