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Let's hit the beach

Dan Clifton.
Beach fishing is probably the most popular form of fishing in Australia; more people take part in beach fishing than any other form. Why? Because it is accessible to just about anyone, chances of success between beginners and experienced anglers is not too dissimilar. Having said that, experience will lead to better quality catches.

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Four Springs 11/8/2012

I went out after work for a relaxing hour of angling. It was awesome till I tried to get off the water. A regatta was still in full swing 15 boats and another 15 cars. We got a nice brown of a kilo in the calming conditions. The wind died off and water was glassy.

Trying to get off the water was a nightmare. Some boat users think its good form to park your boat across the ramp crosswise while you gasbag with your mates and clean a couple of fish. There was a flotilla lined up that they obviously didn't see. It's funny sometimes how obvious stuff isn't that obvious to some, like the no parking turning circle signs a father and son outfit parked their car in making it nigh impossible for cars to reverse trailers or negotiate.
Like most folks I go fishing to relax.. not put up with illiterate or inconsiderate who make life tough for people who do the right thing.
I don't know the answer - I thought the dual boatramp might have helped but not tonight.
Maybe when some folks get a licence they should do an IQ test. The clowns there tonight breaking the rules wouldnt have got through it!

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