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Jigging Unknown Waters

Saltwater jigging is a technique that is really getting a solid following worldwide, but in Tasmania it is relatively unknown. Tasmania does have the species and the waters to make this work and tackle shop owner Leroy Tirant recently gave it a try with a couple of mates.Jigging lures for fish has been around for many years, but it's only in recent times that tackle and the lures themselves have been specifically developed for this new born form of fishing. High speed reels, braid, and ultra-light, fast tapered rods have come forward in leaps and bounds as this new frontier has been developed.

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Arthurs Lake 2011-01-26

Thought you might find these photos interesting. Samuel and Jackson caught these fish at Arthurs Lake yesterday. We were going to take the boat but found out that the life jackets were all the way out at our shack! So we were forced to shore fish.

The kids are very happy with these fish (1 each). Samuel, the youngest boy, lost a really good one (probably 4-5lb), not far from his feet and broke his line. We also had two others snag us up.
The Trout we caught were choc-a-bloc full of Caddice and Snails!
I was just glad to have the day off to go fishing with my boys & wife... it was great!
I feel that when the lake drops 1-2m's there will be some really good fish come out of Arthurs. At the moment they simply have too much food variety.
Nick - Got One Launceston

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