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Late season rainbow trout

With winter fast approaching the browns of most waters are gearing up for spawning. Though surface activity is possible at ideal times, the browns are more likely to be found grubbing around the weed beds, feeding on crustaceans high in carotene and vitamin B, important for egg and milt quality. As fishing in most brown trout waters slows down approaching the close of the brown trout season (2 May), fly fishers may wish to turn their attention to rainbow trout waters when seeking the final chances for sight fishing and good quality fish for the season. Rainbow trout waters are open until 30 May this season and include Lagoon of Islands, Lake Rowallan, Lake Skinner and Dee Lagoon, with Dee Lagoon and Lake Rowallan representing arguably the better of the fisheries.
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Arthurs Lake 14/1/2013

My Nephew Jedd and I just returned from our Annual trip to Arthurs lake but sadly our trip was cut short to just over 3 days as my mum was very ill and we needed to rush home. The three days we did have were very good weather-wise with warm weather and a fair amount of sunshine.


Much to my surprise this weather pattern brought on a big black spinner hatch from about lunch time to after dark. The fish were easily found in the lee shores feeding actively on spinners. My nephew got his first seven fish on the fly and can’t wait to get back next trip. I got 30 fish including 4 in 4 casts and 2 lots of 2 in 2 casts. The fish were mostly small between half a pound and 2 pound but they were in good condition and fought well. It’s great to see the lake looking healthy again and I’m sure that overcast days will see some great fishing on the duns in the next few weeks. Those of you lucky enough to pick your day to head up to the lakes are in for a treat.

Tight lines and wet nets Dave Egan.





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