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Grasshoppers – The Big Mac of Trout Food

Many people ask me when the best time to come to Tasmania fishing is. There is only one answer as far as I am concerned – Autumn.
March and April are what I call the wedding months. All the girls want to get married then. Why ? Because the weather is the most settled and they are almost guaranteed a beautiful day.
I like it because the river fishing can be exception and I like river fishing. Grasshopers have been prolific the last couple of seasons with unprecedented grass growth no doubt helping the populations. 
Grasshoppers obviously provide a ‘meal in a mouthful’ for river trout – they must be like a Big Mac for them and trout often swim meters to violently scoff one from the surface.Read more ...

When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Arthurs Lake 7/1/2012

Janet, my son Jacob and myself headed up to Arthurs Lake this morning and met up with Presidents Jim and Virginia Mckenna for breakfast. As usual we had the egg n bacon "pre - fish" cook up, along with a cup of coffee before heading out to the Cowpaddock around 9.30ish.
Saw one solitary dun on the water for the whole day and only two fish rise.

We were joined by around 8 or 9 boats only on the water, and it was a struggle from start to finish.
The only thing landed in our boat was Jim's hat that blew off, (see picture) and a small one that was caught on Janet's third cast of the day,.... and promptly released.
Janet had another , ( jump and spit the hooks at her) of around a pound and a half in size and Jim lost four without any being landed.....(not happy Jan!... was our Jim.).
That was about it really, only saw one other caught by another boat.
Back at the ramp we found that another boat managed two for the day and President Dave Egans boat landed one.
Only saw one dun for the day,...Arthurs is indeed a mystery at the moment it seems.
Oh well, there's always next time, can't win em all,... we all enjoyed the day regardless.


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