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Sea Run Trout

Mid Sea-Run Season Report

Sea-run trout fishing this year got off to a cracking start in most areas, with the majority of anglers employing nearly every trout fishing technique to secure fish in local estuaries statewide.
Even those anglers fishing the "off-season" lower down in our estuaries for sea-trout commented on the number of fish moving in early August.

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Arthurs Lake Pumphouse Bay

Presidents Jim and Virginia Mckenna went for a drive up to Arthurs Lake yesterday on a scouting mission for Christmas holiday campsites. Photos were taken in the Pumphouse Bay and Jonah Bay areas, definitely plenty of water about and it all looks fantastic with the current lake levels high up into the marshes.

Whilst at the Pumphouse Bay campground, they met up with mainland President Peter Hubbard who is slaying them in front of the Pumphouse campsite on soft plastics, using his zodiac inflatable.
He can't get reception to send forward reports yet but has promised a story or two in the not too distant future.
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