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"Angling is an art - Hannah Ledger

and an art worth your learning.."

Presented from Issue 112, October 2014
So said Izaak Walton in the 1600s. It seems that Burnie’s Hannah Ledger has combined angling with art rather well. Hannah is a fish fanatic, outdoor enthusiast and budding, self-taught artist. From as young as she can remember, she has always had crayon in hand, colouring book under arm and as she’s grown as a painter, jars full of paintbrushes and cupboards full of ready-to-go blank canvas’.

A country girl at heart, Hannah was schooled at Yolla District High School, a small ‘farm’ school in the states North West, then went on to Hellyer College where she was given the opportunity to really grow her art skills; And by grow, that meant skipping the classes that would probably have more an impact of getting her somewhere in life, like English and Math to spend every spare minute with the art teacher, painting or drawing.

As typical teenagers do, they make poor decisions- and after being accepted in to one of the countries top art schools, turned down the offer and decided to move to the big island, where she lived for 5 years working in what seemed ‘dead end’ retail.

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Lake King William 3/11/2102

Dale Howard and I organised to head up to Lake King William yesterday. I dared not back out of this trip as I let him down at the last minute on his previous excursion to the Swan River. I also didn’t want the name “big girlie man” to gain momentum.

Anyway, after being mucked about by “The Unit” because he owns a stupid cat that apparently loves to get bitten by snakes; we arrived at Derwent Bridge around 12pm, so not a lot was expected in terms of a huge catch rate.
Dale had his step father Geoff and son Trevor in tow and my crew consisted of my son Jacob and the latest edition to our family,... Penny the Jack Russell.
King William is full to the brim at the moment and many boats were enjoying the perfect conditions with most seeming to catch good per usual.
We managed 16 between us in the short time that we fished, most caught on Dales “Yellow Peril” hard bodies and his signature soft plastic, the Black n Gold Yep Flapper.
Fish around the trees, that’s where they seem to be in the most numbers, and if you keep getting nips but no hook ups, shorten your plastic by cutting about 10 cms from the head end,.
This helped us improve our hook up rate.
The fish, although only ranging between half a pound and a pound and a half, were in excellent condition, very pink inside and full of stick caddis.
Our little dog, although well behaved for most of the day decided to have a closer look at King William whilst the boat was moving...the picture will show the end result.
A BBQ and the usual sh%t stirring ensued, with our sons Jacob and Trevor showing us “old blokes” how it is done yet again.
These are truly days to appreciate.
Regards, Dale and Todd



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