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Fishing in the city

I spotted a small fish rising to a hatch of snowflake caddis in the far side of the pool. My cast was only average but it did not take long for the fish's little eyes to light up and gobble down my caddis imitation. After a quick but lively fight I'd released my fourth trout for the evening.

Where was I? I was only ten minutes from the city of Launceston, in the middle of the Cataract Gorge, just down from the First Basin.

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Lake King William Report 13/3/2012

John Cleary, Mike Stevens and I headed out to Lake King William yesterday, doing "research" on this water for the next edition of Tas Fishing and Boating News. What an underutilised and hidden gem this place is. I cannot wait to head back there again.

Plenty of duns and Jassids about, along with an unlimited amount of decent quality fish ready to have a crack at your flies or lures.
We fished out of Guelph Basin.
When we arrived, it was incredibly still and fish were feeding in a wind lane out in the middle, even though it was 10 am and the sun was up high in the sky. We couldn't catch them. Goodness knows what it would have been like earlier in the morning, mayhem I reckon!
Anyway, kept the better photos for the article but have attached a couple showing just how beautiful this place is.
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