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Snapper Fishing in Tasmania

Well, it is spring and this means only one thing in my mind - I'll bet you can guess what that is - and it's got nothing to do with "the birds and the bees".  It's big and red and howls your reel at a blistering pace.  You guessed it - Tasmanian Snapper!

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Little Lake 23/2/2013

Had a look at Little Lake again this arvo, was going to go to Great Lake to have a go at the shark fishing, but forecast was for a cloudy day, so that put an end to that idea. So off we went with Bailey doing all the driving, he now has his learners license thank god, ...he can do all of the driving now, Bailey's mate Will Hankenson  also tagged along.

Arrived around noon and found the lake had dropped even lower from a couple of weeks ago. Saw three other anglers on the water. Bailey and Will decided not to have a fish because of the low water (as they were only going to use soft plastics). So off I went with the fly rod and had a ball catching 20 browns on small wets, had dozens of hits and misses as well, kept a few for the table and released the rest, size would be 1 to 1.5lb, not all the fish here are small, polaroided  one monster that would have went 5lb plus, not interested in my offering.
Last time we were fishing here George Papp said he saw a large trout cruising around; maybe it was the same fish? The weather was ok, sunny periods with a 15 knot northerly, fish had been feeding on scud, stick caddis and snails.
I bet Bailey wishes he had brought his fly rod, what a great session.
(Thought we saw some wild goats on the way out too, which was weird.)

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