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Early season trolling - improve your catch rate

Bill Presslor
During our hot Australian summer months, with long days and short nights, the metabolism of trout and salmon in our impoundments goes at full bore! As we enjoy our summer holidays, fish that are reaching maturity are generally packing on the weight in preparation for the rigours of spawning and the coming cold weather. The arrival of winter and cold weather generally means that fishing pressure slows while trout are spawning. After the spawning period, the trout and salmon that have spent much of the winter months in colder water will now start to leave this winter habitat and move more readily into other areas that offer optimum temperature, structure and food sources.

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Little Lake 25/02/2012

Bailey and I headed off to Little Lake today, as Bail’s wanted to try out his new “Wildfish” 6 weight fly rod, ... so away we went. We arrived there around 11.30am and fished till 4pm, we had a ball catching 27 brownies on dry’s, beetle patterns and some on emergers.

Bailey caught 15 of them, what a top effort, as he hasn't been fly fishing for very long, fish were going off!
We released all but two fish, (promised dear old mum a couple) and had a real bonus today as I caught two fish at the same time, one taking the point fly and another taking the dropper.
He landed both too, that doesn't happen very often.
There were a few others fishing alongside us, three boats and three anglers wading.
Certainly a day Bailey won't forget in a hurry.




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