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Doing it with style

The embracing of loch-style fishing Techniques by competition anglers in Australia is now finding increasing favour with recreational anglers. Much is written in the British angling press about loch-style fly fishing, and its many subtle variations, but Australian publications have been silent on it till recently.

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Little Lake Report 21/10/2011

Trev didn't want to go to school today (lol), so Mike Stevens and myself decided to take him to Little Lake to see if we could help him catch is first fish on a fly. Well, he achieved that before we even wet our lines and were standing around having a prefish coffee!

To top it off he landed another 4 before the day was out.
All up between us we caught 17 for the day only bringing three home and releasing the rest.

A word of warning, snakes are about everywhere seemingly after the frogs that abound around the lakes shoreline, also you have to walk in from Gunns Lake, as the track is just a pile of mud and you will get bogged if you try to take a vehicle in, our suggestion is to do the 15 minute walk in.

Dale & Trev Howard


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