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Over 20 years ago I was lucky enough to be taught to fish lakes like Arthurs by the great angler Shayne Murphy. One of the great lessons that I learnt from Murf was that in many cases you should simply use your boat to get to the best shore fishing locations quickly and efficiently. In those days we would pick the eyes out of the best locations then quickly move on to fresh and similar waters.

A few years later I started my guiding career and I bought a beautiful tri hull boat. For many years, just like Murf had taught me, I used this boat for transporting my clients to the best shore fishing locations for the weather and wind conditions. I well remember many times when my wading clients were ‘catching the clappers out of them’ as other anglers and guides drifted by flogging the water for little obvious results.

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Lake Dulverton 21/8/2013

My son, Alex & I took a slow trip to Launceston (for my niece's 21st celebration) on Saturday (17th Aug)  with intent to fish Brumby's Creek out of Cressy but stopped by Oatlands at Lake Dulverton. Its level was down but should fill up perhaps after the northern weekend rain.

I managed to land 2 reasonable rainbow from the lake.

1st  was 67.5cm length about 4.3kg - about {9 1/2 Lbs}  ( 4kg cleaned )
2nd  was about 2/3  size of first - within 20 minutes of the first !

We only spent about 3 hours there during the mid  very overcast morning.

So,  there are fish in that  weedy  hole ! These were "old'  very healthy stockies
Used a  small trout patterned hardbody lure - like a "Repala Spotted Dog" - soft plastics would probably do too.
Worked well !
Brumby's Creek  had fast flowing dirty water, fished without success. Surrounds were very muddy, as expected.

Pete Ladaniwskyj
ANSAtas  member

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