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Jigging for Trout

Tom Crawford takes a slightly different approach to lure fishing for trout.
Vertical jigging is becoming very popular in salt water fishing in Tasmania with the release of many large and sophisticated jig's hitting the market. But very few people try this method for trout. One of the biggest problem trout fisherman face is getting their lure or fly down to where the fish are sitting. This technique cures that problem. Jigging for trout has been extremely popular in New Zealand for quite some time and has produced many good sized fish there. In this article I will give you a look into what I believe should be one of the more popular fishing techniques in Tasmania in years to come.
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Lake Gordon Boat Launching Site Options 21-12-2011

The boat launching area at Boat Ramp Road, Lake Gordon is now usable due to improved water levels and should provide anglers with a good alternative to the facility near Gordon Dam this summer.

Alternative boat ramp at Boat Ramp Road, Lake Gordon, off Strathgordon Road
A recent inspection of the boat launching area at Boat Ramp Road, Lake Gordon revealed that due to the improved water levels at the lake, this launch­ing area is once again a viable option for anglers. Assuming the level is main­tained, it should provide a good alternative to the facility near Gordon Dam this summer.

Boat Ramp Rd is off Strathgordon Road, 9 km West of the Scotts Peak turnoff. About 3 KM of good gravel track takes you down to a serviceable launching area within State Forest, meaning that a National Park pass is not required. Launching here saves driving a further 30 km to the Gordon Dam ramp and gives anglers access to the Ragged Basin area of the lake. Both brown and rain­bow trout are available in Lake Gordon, although brown trout dominate.

A copy of the Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon Anglers Access brochure, includ­ing map is available from this link.

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