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Fishing the edges

Peter Hayes
History of my experience
You know, it's a funny thing. I started guiding a dozen years ago and whilst I had a big, flash, fast sportfishing boat (which incidentally I still have) I never used it to catch fish from it except in windlane and dun fishing situations.

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Huntsman Lake Report 23/6/2012

Here's a report on a couple of hours at the Huntsman on Saturday afternoon. You could say it was a bit cool, but that's fishing for this time of year.
Arrived out there 3.30 fished till dark (5.30) landed 6 browns, keeping 3 for in-laws and released the rest.
Had a lot of takes (just on dark), some right at my feet . A couple were slabs but the ones I kept were full of small black beetles and caddis. Spoke to 2 fly fisherman, one had 2 fish for the day the other had zip.
I started on hard bodies ( no luck) and changed to the trusty Berkley black and gold t tails.
2 casts later,.. fish on!
I fished the old road side of the lake, its very high again covering a lot of the grass in front of B.B.Q area.
OK, tight lines,
President Danny Jacobs
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