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Sea Run Trout

Mid Sea-Run Season Report

Sea-run trout fishing this year got off to a cracking start in most areas, with the majority of anglers employing nearly every trout fishing technique to secure fish in local estuaries statewide.
Even those anglers fishing the "off-season" lower down in our estuaries for sea-trout commented on the number of fish moving in early August.

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Lake Augusta 28/10/2012

Given  today’s the fantastic weather forecast, Mark Tapsell and I decided to head up to Lake Augusta for a couple of hours. Leaving home at 5.30am, we arrived to blue skies and a mirror- like water. We proceeded to cook up a quick egg n bacon roll and brewed a coffee before heading out. Once on the water, we weren’t there long and we had a couple of nice trout in the boat, both caught on orange bead head nymphs hung 2 feet under a dry.

Not a lot of fish rising; only the occasional slurp could be heard as they sucked down the odd midge and stonefly. We fished until 11.30 for one more in the bag, then we made tracks for home, as I have my dear old mum coming for tea tonight. The fish are in great condition and strong fighting. We had the lake to ourselves the whole time we were there.
Regards, Todd

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