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Atlantic Salmon At Large

Atlantic Salmon At Large

Recently Atlantic salmon seems to be a very hot topic amongst local anglers, especially those in the south of the state in the D'Entrecasteaux area. Northern anglers should take a close look at the Tamar as there are opportunities here as well.  
The recent "great escape" has provided a perfect opportunity for fresh and saltwater anglers alike to experience some truly memorable sport. Tasmania's pristine, clean and cool waters are the perfect nursery for the Atlantic Salmon and as our local fish farms produce more and more fresh quality seafood it is a fact that there are going to be tangible consequences.

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Lake Augusta 22/12/2011

Oh what a day! Arrived at Lake Augusta at 8 am this morning to find the most perfect conditions a bloke could ask for on his Christmas “wind down”. Over the space of the morning I managed to net 19 fish wading the shore, all in lovely condition.
All were browns, not a rainbow to be seen.

Fish were caught on a parachute dun with a small nymph suspended about 6 inches under it, I dropped a few fish too.
That being said, I never had one refusal and can’t wait to get back up there.
All fish were caught wading, (which by the way have a leak right in the crotch )....this is very "refreshing" at 8 am!!
Merry Christmas to all and tight lines.
regards. Mark






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