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Atlantic Salmon At Large

Atlantic Salmon At Large

Recently Atlantic salmon seems to be a very hot topic amongst local anglers, especially those in the south of the state in the D'Entrecasteaux area. Northern anglers should take a close look at the Tamar as there are opportunities here as well.  
The recent "great escape" has provided a perfect opportunity for fresh and saltwater anglers alike to experience some truly memorable sport. Tasmania's pristine, clean and cool waters are the perfect nursery for the Atlantic Salmon and as our local fish farms produce more and more fresh quality seafood it is a fact that there are going to be tangible consequences.

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trailer-cWoods Lake​ Trailer Debacle

Fellow Anglers Scott ​and I would personally like to thank the persons who helped us with our broken spring on our boat trailer...(trailer is 5 years old) Norm for his knowledge on how to get us home and his rope knots...thats obviously why not too many fish escape him. Bert for his knowledge and the whole roll of duck tape.....the repairer is going to love you :) Gerry for his wire, Neil for his nice piece of fence post.


Special thanks to Norm and Chris, who waited at Arthurs Lake to make sure we made it off Wood Lake Road at 10k per hour and missing every divet on the road.

It was a long trip home but we made it, and the "fix it" job didn’t move at all. We got home about 5.30pm, average speed on the bitumen 40-50​kph. With some annoyed Symmons Plains travelers in a hurry to get home (even though we had our hazard lights on).

Regards & Thanks​,
Leigh & Scott




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