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Presented from Issue 108, February 2014

Michal Rybka shares some useful trout techniques that he discovered on a recent trip to the Canadian wilderness.


For the third time now, I have been fortunate enough to fish for trout and salmon in British Columbia, Canada.

The most recent trip was certainly the most enlightening, with lots learned. My experience started when I walked into one particular tackle store in the city of Vancouver. While the size of the shop was the first thing I noticed, I was more intrigued by what was on the shelves!

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Stephen Smith and I have been managing the website since May 2009.

It has been an epic journey of learning and discovery and I am indebted to Mike Stevens for his help, support and patience.

I am developing a new venture Rubicon Web and Technology Training ( ). The focus is two part, to develop websites for individuals and small business and to train people to effectively use technology in their everyday lives.

Please contact me for further information.

Stephen Smith

2017 10 25 Solid Meander River brownI had every intention of heading over to the Meander River this morning and was ready to head off at 6:00am. Just before I was about to leave I thought I would check the river level on the BOM site only to find the river was up by 90cms from last night which made it a little on the high side for a spin session where I was heading. So that was the end of my trip to the Meander River, then I decided to head over to Merseylea and fish upstream from the top bridge. Once there I found the wind was up and coming straight down the river, it was a pretty cold breeze too so I headed on back home. I was still feeling a little sore from yesterdays spin session in the Mersey River any way, so a rest today won't do me any harm at all.

As the day went on I had another check on the level of the Meander River and found it was falling, it had dropped 10cms already and was still dropping as the day went on. That reading was enough for me to head over there for a spin session after all. Once there I could see it was still a little on the high side but safe enough for wading which was good to see. I was in the river just on 1:30 and started flicking the little ghost brown hard body around in the clear water cool water. It took around eight casts before I had my first trout take the lure, a fish that was around 300 grams. I started working the lure down the right hand side of the river, this was the shaded side and I felt that's where the trout will be holding now the river's mostly in full sun. Working the shaded side worked a treat as I caught and released seven very nice solid browns from nine hook ups over roughly one hundred meters of river.

I never saw another fish for the next forty minutes of fishing until I came to another medium to fast flowing stretch of water where I picked up another solid brown. That was the only fish taken in that stretch of river until I reached the top end of it where I crossed the river where I was going to get out. It was there I spotted a small side water that flowed under a willow tree, I did a backhand cast into that small piece of water and had an instant hook up. It was another plump brown that took the little hard body lure, after a brief battle it soon tired and was in the net. After releasing that fish I made my way along the shallow side of the river for around fifty meters where I had to cross back over to make my way back to the car. I was half way across the river and thought I'd have a couple more casts while crossing the river. It was there I caught and released trout number eleven for the spin session, a great way to end the the afternoon in the Meander River.

Adrian Webb (meppstas)

Another two trout caught here. Meander River

 2017 10 25 Another two trout caught here. Meander River


Another two trout caught here

2017 10 25 Another two trout caught here


Fast water Meander River

2017 10 25 Fast water Meander River


Last trout of the day

2017 10 25 Last trout of the day


Meander River brown

2017 10 25 Meander River brown 2


Solid Meander River brown

2017 10 25 Solid Meander River brown


Trout caught here

2017 10 25 Trout caught here

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