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"Angling is an art - Hannah Ledger

and an art worth your learning.."

Presented from Issue 112, October 2014
So said Izaak Walton in the 1600s. It seems that Burnie’s Hannah Ledger has combined angling with art rather well. Hannah is a fish fanatic, outdoor enthusiast and budding, self-taught artist. From as young as she can remember, she has always had crayon in hand, colouring book under arm and as she’s grown as a painter, jars full of paintbrushes and cupboards full of ready-to-go blank canvas’.

A country girl at heart, Hannah was schooled at Yolla District High School, a small ‘farm’ school in the states North West, then went on to Hellyer College where she was given the opportunity to really grow her art skills; And by grow, that meant skipping the classes that would probably have more an impact of getting her somewhere in life, like English and Math to spend every spare minute with the art teacher, painting or drawing.

As typical teenagers do, they make poor decisions- and after being accepted in to one of the countries top art schools, turned down the offer and decided to move to the big island, where she lived for 5 years working in what seemed ‘dead end’ retail.

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2016 04 24 Gold 00 black fury brown trout Meander River

Woke up to hear that it was going to be 21 degrees here in Sheffield today, then when I looked outside there was just a full on pea soup fog to be seen. I had decided yesterday that I would fish the Meander River as I thought with only seven browns needed to reach the 800 trout for the season then this river would be my best chance of doing it. Once there I had a one & a half kilometer walk through thick fog to where I was going to enter the river. It's just as well I know this area like the back of my hand as visibility was pretty low when I headed off through the paddocks. By the time I reached my entry point the fog was a little lighter and the river was like glass, there wasn't a breath of wind. I love fishing in these conditions as eerie as it is.

As usual I started off with the black fury (black blade), up the river I went casting and retrieving too every bit of water that I thought would be holding a fish. Well, I couldn't believe that after an hour of working my way up the river all I had managed was two soft hit & misses. I was sure I would have caught the seven trout by now, but it's not happening at this stage. Then it turned around over the next forty meters of fast water I picked up three browns in quick time, that immediately took the pressure off. Not that I was really under any pressure as I still had 6 days of the season left to get the seven trout, I just wanted it done and dusted today that's all.

It went quiet again over the next four hundred meters before I caught my forth trout for the morning, another nice medium size brown. A little further on I had a couple more take the spinner but lost both fish. I was now back to where I had parked the car so I decided to head on upstream and fish my favorite stretch of fast water. I know that I will catch what I need there in no time at all. It only took two casts before I was onto a nice little brown, lost it when it jumped & tossed the spinner. This is the chance one always takes when fishing fast water, like I've said before it's smash & grab for the trout in them. A lot of fish are just lipped and it only takes one or two jumps combined with a head shake to quickly toss the spinner.

Twenty meters further up I was onto another small brown, three casts later I had another brown on & soon in the net. Only need one more trout now to reach my target. Well I lost the next two before I finally had a solid take and this fish was well hooked too. I was still a little nervous right up until it was in the net, number 800 for the season was here. I gave myself a little ''You Bloody Beauty'' then quickly took a photo of the trout then released it. I decided to fish on for close on one hundred meters before calling it a day. I came across a fast water that had a bit more depth to it than what I had been fishing so it was on with a gold Blue Fox vibrax that Rex Hunt had sent to me. I like these spinners in the deeper runs as they're a gram or two heavier than the little Mepps #00 spinners I use. I do have some bigger Mepps but, I do like this #0 vibrax spinner. It didn't take all that long before I had another brown in the net and after a quick pic it too was back in the river. It was back on with the little black fury once more as I was back into the shallow runs. I picked up two more browns here before calling it a day. It was a day that finished a lot better than it started that's for sure... Ten browns caught & released wasn't all bad in the end.


Beautiful foggy conditions Meander River at Meander

2016 04 24 Beautiful foggy conditions Meander River at Meander


Fog starting to lift Meander River at Meander

2016 04 24 Fog starting to lift Meander River at Meander


A little on the foggy side this morning Meander River

2016 04 24 A little on the foggy side this morning Meander River


Gold 00 black fury brown trout Meander River

2016 04 24 Gold 00 black fury brown trout Meander River


Trout No. 800 is in the net Meander River

2016 04 24 Trout No. 800 is in the net Meander River


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