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Atlantic Salmon At Large

Atlantic Salmon At Large

Recently Atlantic salmon seems to be a very hot topic amongst local anglers, especially those in the south of the state in the D'Entrecasteaux area. Northern anglers should take a close look at the Tamar as there are opportunities here as well.  
The recent "great escape" has provided a perfect opportunity for fresh and saltwater anglers alike to experience some truly memorable sport. Tasmania's pristine, clean and cool waters are the perfect nursery for the Atlantic Salmon and as our local fish farms produce more and more fresh quality seafood it is a fact that there are going to be tangible consequences.

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2016 03 07 Lucky find 1Top day on the Meander River 7/3/2016

After a three day break from trout fishing I thought a trip to the Meander River would be the place to get back into it. Conditions today were how & humid which makes for good fishing, but also is a drain on the body. I started off in a nice fifty meter fast water run and using a black bladed black fury I had caught & released eight browns from nine hook ups by the time I reached the end of it. The river is still higher than normal due to Hydro Tasmania running the power turbines at Huntsman Dam, this has really helped make the fishing much better than usual. Things went a little quiet over the next hundred meters or so as the trout were only following the spinner and weren't showing any signs of aggression.

It was time to give the ever reliable gold black fury a go now to see if it will turn things around in my favor. Well, it worked as the trout just smashed the spinner from then on. Over the next one and a half kilometers I caught & released another nineteen browns from twenty three hook ups. The gold spinner had worked a treat. It was now 6.45pm and the mind said fish on as there's still trout to be caught, but the body said get out of the river now. I got out of the river because after fives hours of fast water fishing I was totally buggered. Once out of the river I had a 2-1/2 km walk back to the car. Still it was well worth the trip and with 27 browns caught & released it took me that much closer to my target for March. Now on 582 for the season.. Oh!! And I was lucky enough to find a $10-00 note in the river as well which made it an even better day..

Spin fishing the Meander River with the Mepps black fury

2016 03 07 Spin fishing the Meander River with the Mepps black fury


Hard and tough section of the Meander River

2016 03 07 Hard and tough section of the Meander River


Trout No 27 for the session Meander River

2016 03 07 Trout No 27 for the session Meander River


Lucky Find !

2016 03 07 Lucky find 1


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