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Autumn Tips and Tricks

It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times. Autumn, that is. The last months of the trout fishing season can be as good as any other, particularly if the beetles and jassids make an appearance in numbers, or if the mayfly dribble on into the gloaming of the season.  However if the winter rains come early, and the snow and sleet crash the party, it can be incredibly miserable as well. But perhaps the best saving grace for this time of year is that the water is still warm enough to get things moving insect wise, the trout still remember how to look up for food, and the bigger trout are getting very aggressive prior to spawning. By mixing up a variety of techniques over the days fishing, success can be almost assured. Almost!

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2016 02 16 Meander River brown on black fury aAnd I thought fishing was tough yesterday 16/2/2016

Headed off again this afternoon for another spin session in a rocky fast water stretch of the Meander River that's fished very well on my previous trips here. When I arrived the weather wasn't all that bad. The wind was a little gusty but nothing to worry about as I could see it wasn't going to effect my casting all that much. The river was reasonably sheltered from the wind too which made it that much easier. The first fifty meters was a little quiet as I just had the one hit and miss. Then over the next eighty meters I caught three nice browns. I'm thinking to myself I'm going to have another good catch of trout in this long fast water run again today. Then all hell let loose, the wind suddenly picked up a blew a gale. It was howling and there were small branches, twigs, leaves and all shapes and sizes of bark flying everywhere. I knew then it was going to be very difficult fishing from now on. This is as tough as I have ever experienced when fishing a river in these conditions.

On nearly every cast my line was crossing over twigs and getting fouled up. If it was the line fouling then the spinner was hooking into the bark or the fallen twigs in the river. Casting was getting to be near impossible and there wasn't a sign of a trout now. I stuck to it and finally picked up two more browns when the wind eased of for fifteen minutes before it picked up again. In that fifteen minutes I did catch two more solid browns with the best one going 520gms. I had covered around 600 meters of river now and I decided to fish another couple of hundred meters then call it a day. That two hundred meters of river seemed to take ages to fish as the wind was even stronger throughout that distance. I couldn't get out of the river quick enough in the end. What I thought was going to be a pretty good afternoon on the river didn't happen at all. Still can't really complain, I did catch another five trout, could have been worse.

Good fast water stretch of the Meander River

2016 02 16 Solid brown taken in this fast water run


2016 02 16 Meander River


Meander River brown on black fury

2016 02 16 Meander River brown on black fury

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