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Big wets work

Gavin Wicks
There is no better sight in fly-fishing than seeing your dry fly taken off the surface. Seeing a fish rise up from the depths, then its mouth close over the fly is truly magical. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes other methods have to be used to fool our target species. When conditions are bleak and cold, early or late in the season, then sometimes we have to resort to blind fishing big wet flies. Some fisherman like to refer to it as blind flogging, but I don’t think that gives enough credit to it, so we will stick to blind fishing.

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2016 02 12 Black fury Meander River brown Meander aBack into the trout after a week's lay off. 12/2/2016

After a week's lay off from lower back & hip problems I finally felt good enough to head off to the Meander River for spin session. Well, that was after my weekly (every Weds.) dose of around 40+ injections that help to keep me trout fishing the rivers. I had wanted to have an early morning stint but that didn't happen. I didn't hit the river until just on 3.00pm. When I arrived the sun was full on the river and the wind was howling from the north, not only that the river was running low and crystal clear. I wasn't too fussed about it because it was just great to be able to get back into a river again. 

The stretch of river I chose to fish today was a nice long stretch of water that had a mix of slow to medium flow and also a few fast water runs. The river bottom has a light shingle bottom which makes for easy wading and much easier on the body. After working my way upstream without a sign of a fish I decided to get out and head on to a nice long fast water that I know will be holding trout. I was back in the river by 4.15pm and it wasn't long before I had three nice little river browns caught and released. These were all taken from the shaded side of the river. 

It was just a matter of lobbing the little black fury within 6” of the river bank to draw them out then just let the spinner drift with the fast water while keeping enough tension on the line. I caught eleven in a row today before I lost my first fish, then caught one more and lost the next three before I called it a day at 6.45pm. The browns today weren't big fish at all and went between 270-290 gms and like all river fish they still put up a fight in the fast water. This long & very rocky run of fast water was well worth taking the risk of aggravating the back and hip too as it helped to add another thirteen trout to my seasons tally. I'm now on 472 for the season, my aim is to hit the 500 mark by the end of February..

This was the first stretch of water that I fished today.


Black fury Meander River brown Meander

2016 02 12 Black fury Meander River brown Meander


Meander River from Barretts Bridge Montana

2016 02 12 Meander River from Barretts Bridge Montana


The first stretch I fished today

2016 02 12 The first stretch


Trout taken from Shaded areas Meamder River Meander

2016 02 12 Trout taken from Shaded areas Meamder River Meander

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