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Slow down and give the Winter trout waters a try

Leroy Tirant gets beaten by his son and learns a Winter lesson.
There have been many articles over time about fishing in winter. I love targeting Tasmania's fish rich lakes on clear crisp winter days, perhaps almost romanticising it, because it's quite easy once home and warm to forget how really cold it was-and how hard it was to finally find feeding fish. These can be swimming lethargically in 30 feet of water.
Most of my fishing is done from a boat, but occasionally and it seems only in winter, my young bloke and I will wander around the shoreline, mainly for his sake more than mine because he loves discovering things. At five years of age he competently fishes on his own with little instruction from his dad. As with most youngsters though he can become annoyed if he thinks I'm taking over.
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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

2015-10-19-Rapala-catches-another-nice-Mersey-brown-troutBrowns & Rainbows As The Mersey River Fires Up 19/10/2015

I left home at 12.30pm in overcast and coolish conditions in what I thought were perfect for being in a river today. I was on my way to fish the Mersey River on a friends property and now with the river being lower it was going to be wade-able in every stretch of river. Well, once there the clouds had all but disappeared and it was nice and bright. Not what I was hoping for at all. Any way it was on with the gear and off on a two kilometre walk to where I'll start fishing. The river was now in full sun which was going to make the fishing interesting today that's for sure, especially in low clear water. I could see that the rocky river bottom was covered in a brown algae and that's going to make wading very tough too. Fishing the Mersey River is always hard on the body, the algae covered rocks just makes it that much harder. With the river being low and clear means I'll be starting the session off with the little black fury (black blade) again today.

First Rainbow of the day
2015-10-19-1st-Rainbow-of-the-day-Mersey-RiverAfter a twenty minute walk I finally reached my entry point to the river and bugger me if I didn't have a medium sized brown take the spinner on the very first cast of the day. I couldn't have wished for a better start to the session that's for sure. Another thing I noticed was Caddis moths, they were everywhere today which was another good sign the fishing may be better than I had expected. I fished a couple of deeper runs with a 60mm slim rainbow pattern hard body and had two takes but lost both fish. I changed back to the black fury again as I was now into a long shallow fast water stretch with a variety of depths from 10cms to 30cms and this normally fishes pretty good most times. Today was one of those days when it again gave up quite a few trout. I picked up seven browns and three rainbows from seventeen hook ups as well as having several hit and misses over the distance.
Ahead of me know was several deeper medium flowing stretches of river so it was off with the black fury and on with the F-3 rainbow Rapala from here on. Once I get to the end of these stretches of river it will be time to call it a day. I worked the Rapala through every stretch of water for the next 300 meters for ten more hookups with three browns and three more rainbows being landed. I did have several hit and misses along the way too. I had reached the area where I was ending the session, one that lasted four and a half hours. Here I was thinking it may have been a tough days fishing once the clouds parted ways and I had to fish in full sun on a low and clear river. Well how wrong was I as it was one of my best days for just over a month with 11 browns and 6 rainbows being caught & released from 29 hook ups. The fish were full on here today which was good, and that river bottom still managed to take it's toll on my body as it usually does.



Solid Brown Caught Here



Rainbow Trout Area on the Mersey



Solid Brown on Rapala


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