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In January this year a friend and I decided to head over to Flinders Island and investigate the rumours we had heard about fish that literally queued up to take a lure or bait - all sounded a bit fanciful to me - but then, what if it was true?By the time all our rods were loaded aboard the Air Charter flight from Bridport to Flinders Island, the plane closely resembled an aerial porcupine and it was a credit to the pilot that he was even able to get the plane off the ground let alone make to the Island - you can never have enough rods really, can you?Accommodation is plentiful on Flinders with something to suit every taste and budget, from camping on Crown land with no facilities at all, right through to renting a holiday home or the affordable luxury of one of Partridge Farm's "bush retreats" with its panoramic views over Franklin Sound, we opted for something in the middle and stayed in one of the units at the Furneax Tavern in the small township of Lady Baron.

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 PB  Rainbow Trout Caught in the Mersey River  15/4/2014

Well I did leave much earlier today for another session in the Mersey River at Kimberley and I was in the river by 10.30 am this morning. I was going to come back to this area in a couple of days, but this morning I decided to go back and start fishing from where I finished up yesterday. Conditions were much cooler today and there was a cold Easterly breeze blowing too. The good thing about where I am going to fish today, is that the river is sheltered from Easterley winds. 
After a 30 minute walk to where I was going to carry on fishing I was soon into a nice medium (430gm) brown that was taken in a fast water section on the little gold Black Fury once again. A quick photo and this well conditioned fish was soon back in the river. The very next cast into the fast water I felt a light bump on the spinner but it just felt like I had picked up one of the hundreds of falling willow leaves that were floating down the river. Well as the spinner was closer I could see a light coloured image of something hanging of the lure and it did look like it was a willow leaf stuck to the little black fury. Then when the lure was within three metres I could see it was a very, very small trout, but wasn't sure if it was a brown or a rainbow. Once I lifted the rod tip and brought the spinner and this little fish into my hand  was when I saw it was a little rainbow trout. Well this rainbow is now a PB for me as the smallest rainbow trout that I have ever caught for sure. I couldn't believe how this little fish managed to even get hooked. This small rainbow was quickly released unharmed too. I had another three hook ups in this fast water stretch but lost them all. 
The next stretch of water just ahead of me was much slower flowing and so I was going to bypass this and stick to the fast water stretches further upstream. I thought I would just have a couple of casts to the bottom end of the slow run where it runs off into the fast water before I moved on. Well I soon had another little trout take the spinner and as I was winding it in slowly I noticed a bigger trout coming in from behind the small hooked trout. This brown would have been around a kilo too, then it just made one fast dash at the small trout on the spinner and smashed it. Within a couple of seconds it was all over, it had taken that small fish straight off the lure in one swoop. This was a first for me to have this happen too when trout fishing. Today's fishing has certainly had a different start to it for sure, and I was wondering was else may happen as the session continued to the end. 
Well nothing else out of the ordinary happened as I worked my way upstream in the fast water except for having several follows and a few light hits on the spinner. I tried several other different colours and models including three different Rapala's and still could only get the trout to just come up and nudge the lures with out any aggression at all. They just seemed to have gone off their attacking and aggressive mood. I changed back to the gold black fury again just as the cloud cover built up again and shaded the river. Then after two cast I was onto a fish and this was another medium sized (410gm) brown and then three casts later another brown (370gm) was hook and landed. So a bit of cloud cover and the change back to the gold colour seems to have made all the difference and brought the trout back on the attack.
It was now 12.45pm and I was was approaching the last section of fast water that I was going to fish before ending today's session. This last section has always given up a couple of fish whether it be a rainbow or a brown tour. Today was no different as it did give up two nice rainbows and three browns ending the day's fishing on a good note. It was a day of fluctuations today as the trout were on for a short time and then they were off and finally they came back on. I wonder what mood they will be in on the next trip ??  I guess I will find out soon enough won't I.
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