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Autumn Tips and Tricks

It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times. Autumn, that is. The last months of the trout fishing season can be as good as any other, particularly if the beetles and jassids make an appearance in numbers, or if the mayfly dribble on into the gloaming of the season.  However if the winter rains come early, and the snow and sleet crash the party, it can be incredibly miserable as well. But perhaps the best saving grace for this time of year is that the water is still warm enough to get things moving insect wise, the trout still remember how to look up for food, and the bigger trout are getting very aggressive prior to spawning. By mixing up a variety of techniques over the days fishing, success can be almost assured. Almost!

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -


I decided to head back to Merseylea (at 2.30pm) and have another spin along the same stretch of the Mersey River where I did fairly well for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge last Sunday week. On my arrived Neil Morrow from the IFS pulled up along side me and we had a nice chat for around 45 minutes before he had to head off. Neil was doing the rounds checking on the Anglers Access areas to see if they needed tidying up  or repairs. He did tell me that the IFS were very concerned about the amount of rubbish that had been left laying around at Lake Kara and if it keeps up, well it could well be closed to fishing.
The Mersey had settled down from last Thursday after some good rainfall where it rose by some 350mms or more and was running dirty on the Friday. Well today it was around 150mms higher than when I fished it last week, and was a very dark tannin colour. There were several fish jumping in many sections of the river and so I new it was going to be a little tough picking up a few fish today. I stuck with the same  Mepps #00 gold black fury spinner as yesterday (Meander River) and managed a couple of very light hit and misses over the first hundred and fifty metres. Looks like their not in an aggressive mood today I thought to myself. I tried  several other lures and couldn't even get a follow on them and so it was back to the gold black fury. At least I did have a couple of hits on it.
I was working a fast run of water and flicked the little Mepps under an over hanging willow and felt a light whack on the spinner. Well this light whack finished up being another little brown midget of a fish. Another very similar in size to the one I caught yesterday in the Meander.
Boy! Am I glad today wasn't the Pirtek Fishing Challenge as I would been in real trouble in getting a decent enough brown. Moved on another twenty metres and hooked into a nice solid (400gm) rainbow that put up a decent fight in the fast water before being netted and then released. This fish had some great colour to it as well. Over the next couple of hundred metres I had another four hookups but only landed the one (370gm) brown which was a little disappointing. It was now 5.20pm and time to head back, as ahead of me was all deep water which I wasn't interested in fishing.  So today's session wasn't too bad overall I suppose, as I was only in the river for a couple of hours and I had just enough hits to keep me fishing during that time.
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