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Winter Warehou

During the winter months a lot of anglers pack their rods and reels up and go and do some much needed gardening and house maintenance which normally has been neglected over the summer months. But all you anglers out there, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Blue warehou can be caught throughout the winter months. They are great fighters and excellent on the table and in my opinion are the best eating fish in the estuary when eaten fresh.

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Awesome find in the Derwent estuary.

Kevin Blackwell recently discovered this oarfish washed ashore under the Tasman Bridge. It weighed 20 kilos and measured 2.2 metres in length. Kevin donated it to CSIRO in Hobart. Below are the details from John Pogonoski to Kevin.


Hi Kevin
We thawed the oarfish yesterday, took photos and confirmed the identification (scientific name Regalecus glesne).

The below link has a map of the records from Australian waters (where a specimen exists in a fish collection – 37 records + this one). It  was only the 4th specimen in the CSIRO collection, so it will be retained in the collection. There are some differences in fin ray counts between your specimen and what I have found documented in fish books, but can’t take the identification any further until more information is published or until we get genetic results (which will take a few months).


The links below also have more information



Anyway, we really appreciate you donating the specimen to the CSIRO collection.




John Pogonoski

Fish Taxonomy

CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

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