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Atlantic salmon the hard way

Atlantic salmon the hard way

Scott McDonald
The first Atlantic salmon eggs used to begin Tasmania's Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry were introduced into Tasmania in 1984. From these humble beginnings a valuable Tasmanian industry has evolved with a worldwide reputation for having a premium disease free product. This industry provides a spin off to all anglers in the form of regular escapes of salmon from the farms.

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with members of the 2018 Australian Commonwealth Fly Fishing Team, in association with Hayes on Brumbys - Cressy, Tasmania.

Join members of the Australian Fly Fishing Team for a coaching and guiding clinic in Tasmania. We request a $1200 donation (tax deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation) includes expenses - accomodation and meals @ Hayes on Brumbys.

Please note there are a limited number of participants!

Fast track your angling ability. Acquire skills, fly patterns and fishing techniques including European styles picked up from previous international competitions.

We will go through a variety of leader set-ups to cater for multiple flys and techniques when fishing a river and from a drifting boat.

Fly fishing in the beautiful Northern Midlands rivers and lakes (including access to the Central Highlands Lake)

For more information:

Meet and greet the team on Friday 3rd August @ Hayes on Brumbys from 3pm.
Coaching and Guiding
Sat 4th - Sun 5th 2018 7am - 5pm

This weekend is all about helping you learn all about the fly fishing in the most popular trout district in Tasmania and probably Australia. We will be guiding you into our favourite spots, where you will learn all about the necessary methods used to catch trout.

Please support our sponsors, we couldn’t do this without them!

Fly Fishing Coaching and Guiding Weekend

To secure your spot at the clinic or to get further information please contact Mel Dawson:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0478493870

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