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Snapper-Effort Equals Rewards

   Snapper are definitely Tasmania's premier estuary inshore sports fish.  They are caught from as far west as Smithton, all along the Northern Tasmanian coast to the far south-east where the occasional fish is reported.  To me, Snapper have the lot - good looks, hard fighting and delicious eating qualities. (My father does not eat seafood of any type, but loves a meal of Snapper.)

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Fly fishing’s most celebrated annual event, the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival, continues its global tour during August and September in Australia. The film tour serves as a stage for the best Australian and Kiwi filmmakers in the industry to premiere their latest offerings, allowing the fishing community to share their passion for the sport by attending film screenings across the country.


RISE showcases the best adventure fly fishing films of 2016 in a big screen extravaganza. The mission of the festival is to inspire audiences with epic adventures, strong stories and big fish in pristine environments. Check out for all tour information, videos, photos and more.

Festival Feature Films

The festival will be premiering Parallel Lines the new film from emerging Aussie filmmaker Benny Godfrey. Filmed in numerous locations across Australia and featuring Brett Wilson and Shannon Kitchener, two mates whose lives have been shaped by their passion for fly fishing.


Gin-Clear Media's Freaks of Nature is one of the features of the festival. It is a film about the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind-swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet, a place where ten pound fish are common and twenty pound plus trout are caught every week.


Deep in the Amazonian jungle tribes express a special admiration for some unique fish, usually the top predators in their habitats. Their belief systems frequently represent these special fish as deities. These sacred fish in turn become the same ones that anglers pursue with equal reverence.


Ron stacked shelves in a grocery store for 17 years before becoming a bush pilot. Jeff started in a fly shop, working for $4.75 an hour and gradually shaped himself into one of the foremost angling authorities in the world. Both men converge in Alaska to describe how they went from the bottom run to "living the dream". Woven with these human stories is some of the best pike fishing footage ever captured.

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Venues & Dates


Please note that shows often sell out weeks in advance, to ensure a ticket it is safest to purchase online and guarantee a seat.

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Hobart Show

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